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    Hey there,
    Been in candida/IBS hell for a while and just registered here after lurking for ages.

    Long story short, my body has been acting really strange ever since I got mononucleosis and consequently burned out mentally/physically in the end of 2016 and start of 2017. Originally I would just get the odd bout of regular vaginal thrush. White clouds appeared in my pee, but I also had mucus in my stool. Probably because Epstein Barr (mono) had really done a number on my liver!

    Fast forward to the summer of 2018 after my gyno gave me sporanox several times. The white thrush lessened but I started to notice this creepy looking stuff in my underwear… I would describe it as very tiny clusters of fine hairs. They’re usually a dark greenish blue color. Needless to say I got really concerned and went back to the same gyno to ask what in blue britches that was. He says to me: “It must be bad gut flora”, after trying to diagnose it as an STD first. (It can’t be since I’m a virgin in terms of intercourse.)
    I stopped going to this man on account of him being really condescending, dismissive and void of empathy. I have yet to see a gyno since, but I have gone to a regular doctor who diagnosed me with IBS and shrugged because she said she doesn’t believe in body wide fungal infections… “There’s not enough conclusive research to support that idea in the field yet. I’m sorry, you will have to see a gynecologist about your discharge.” So I am at an impasse and wondering the following:

    Does anyone recognize these tiny hairlike things?? Is there a specific way to fight it?

    It seems to lessen when I follow this site’s guidelines, but it also keeps coming back the moment I even inch in the direction of a “normal” diet. I also have the cloudy white discharge on and off. Most of my symptoms line up with candidiasis. Headaches, itching, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue, body-wide inflammation. It’s been rough fighting it as a college student seeing as I am exposed to basically everything that worsens candida on a daily basis… Especially the stress and occasional need for some caffeine.

    I’m worried that I’ll never be permitted any vices again. Which isn’t the worst thing to not be allowed, granted… But makes for a lot of daily inconvenience.

    Going to see about going to a naturopath if more weeks go by with no progress.

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