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    I am on the last phase of the diet. I started eating oat bran and millet, tomatoes, nuts, apples, yummy… all sorts of things.

    So can I eat spaghetti squash yet or coconut palm sugar? When can I start again, if ever?


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    I don’t see many problems with spaghetti squash personally; able didn’t include it in his strict foods list for some reason though.

    Here’s its nutritional profile:

    Its basically neutral on the inflammatory scale, contains relatively low sugar, not much starch, low on the GI scale…I’d say that sugar is its main problem (4g per 1 cup). But if you are planning on eating spaghetti with tomato sauce a whole bunch, it could be problematic because the tomato sauce contains much more sugar and is slightly more inflammatory, etc.

    As far as coconut palm sugar…I would avoid this for a long time. I would either have it as a cheat food item (along with honey, agave, rice syrup, maple syrup, etc) only, or use it as an alternative to sugar. A long term health goal for anyone should be to avoid white sugar for the rest of their lives as much as possible…

    Stick with the stevia…



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    As per as coconut palm sugar always I want to avoid it. You can take it an alternative to sugar. But if possible avoid it.

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