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    1.Live yoghurt
    2.Green Veg
    3.Hard Boiled Egg
    4.Soda Bread (should be ok as it is made without yeast-but check all ingredients on the pack)
    6.Pecan or Pine Nuts(not sure on these nuts but were told they were ok. If unsure leave them out)
    7.In relation to the eggs you can eat gallons of just the white part of the egg. It’s basically protein and water!
    8.Avocados and olives

    Combine all of that (bits and bobs here n there) everyday and you should be getting plenty protein.

    Found this website just now:

    Now it says in it to avoid eggs.


    That is only because eggs can be an allergen food meaning some folks can be allergic to it which could trigger the yeast in the Candida.
    If you aint allergic to eggs then you are fine.

    I think where alot of people are going wrong is not fully reading sentences and just picking out the do’s and don’ts without thinking!

    Haven’t checked out the different recipes but will do now and see what are suitable in general.

    Anyway hope that helps anyone who wants their protein!

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