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    I know a lot of forum members are eating fish a few times per week as a protein source. Which kind should I be eating and where are you buying the fish? Ive heard Salmon is really healthy but the farm raised has high levels of mercury. I bought some wild caught Salmon at Whole Foods today. Is this ok to eat? Other than Salmon are there other kinds that are healthy and don’t contain a lot of contaminants?

    Thanks for any input.


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    Here is a post regarding mercury:

    As you can see, all salmon can be eaten freely due to its LOW levels. I have a serving of salmon and/or tilapia per week, but prefer chicken or eggs.


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    During a Candida treatment, the best type of fish would be “Young, sustainable, and certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).”
    Online, Vital Choice sells this type of seafood, but I’m sure other places both on and off-line market it as well. Generally speaking, the younger the fish, the less chance of mercury being built up in the fish.



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    Farmed salmon is a bit sketchy. They eat a lot of GMO products in their feed pellets, and they’re fed antibiotics (like all agricultural animals kept in crowded circumstances).

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