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    Hey All,
    Firstly, I would like to mention that I like this web site, it is very informative and well structure for easy use, thank you.

    I would appreciate some advise from others persons that have done then colon cleanse with out the colon flush. (before the detox stage)
    I am currently on day six of the colon cleanse and have been following the diet, timetable quiet accurately, drinking allot of water and going for a daily walk. I have been feeling all the symptoms this web site has highlight, but as I’m at home for the week I can just chill out and relax when I’m feeling fatigued.

    The question I have is: (sorry for the detail.)

    I am at day six and have not passed any solids for 4 days, when I passed solids on the first 2 days they would be classified as small. So in a nut shell, not allot has happened in that department. Note, I am following the diet, and 2 days ago I have even taken an additional natural laxative to move things along with no avail.
    Also, it was my birthday weekend before I started the cleanse and believe me I ate and drank if it was my last supper. So I would be expecting some type of movement in the bowels.

    Is this normal?
    Should I do anything about it as I am about onto the detox stage?
    Should I muster up the courage for a colon flush?
    I am urinating excessively, is this normal?

    Also, could someone explain to why I am not feeling hungry. It’s a bizarre feeling to have only broth for 6 days straight and not feel hungry. Keeping that in mind, I have also drop 5kg (10 lb) in weight in this 6 days. Yes I’m a wee bit over weight but this was not my intention. Basically, I was sick and tired of the excessive bloating and unable to move weight when I exercised. Though I had always known there was an in balance in my gut, I took action when my osteopath suggested that I may have Candida.

    I would really appreciate anyone input who has experience or known the answers to the above question.

    Cheers All

    Thank You



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    Hi Col,

    I will tell you what I know from my experience but I hope that Able or raster write to you some more details.

    I believe that you are not hungry is quite normal, when I was on a fast I was not hungry after one to two days. The body switch systems and is using up the fat which was stored up in your body. This could explain too why there is no bowel movement.
    I believe that your body is switched to another system, not hungry but not needing either a bowel movement. Its the same with me, I drink a lot and dont eat. Bowl movement stops, I am not hungry and have to pee a lot because of me drinking a lot. The pee is then after a while like water, there is no yellow colour any more.

    I believe everything is in order and if you dont feel sick with headaches or other die-off symptoms I would not worry too much about the situation.



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    Hi col
    I went through the same thing.
    when you kill off the candida it normally dumps in the colon . i got terrible constipation and the only thing that worked was high doses of vitamin c until i had to rush to the loo lol. also a product called oxycleanse is really good but expensive. its important to keep the bowels open because i couldnt go for weeks at a time and got extremely ill. the vit c definatley works! get it in high strength chewable tablets from any supermarket or chemist but make sure you will be staying at home in the following hours after taking it, it will definatley clean you out lol


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    Hello, Col, welcome to the forum.

    A good product to keep on hand throughout the treatment for this problem is Dr Miller’s Holy Tea (Thanks, Joy)

    Also, you may find this post helpful. .

    Kel is correct about vitamin C working for this problem, but you will probably have to mega-dose on it before it will work. This is a water soluble vitamin so mega-dosing on vitamin C isn’t dangerous unless you simply don’t stop it at some point. You should start the protocol early in the morning, and start out with 1000 mg every 45 minutes and keep that up until the diarrhea starts. If it hasn’t started in 4 hours, move up to 1500 mg every hour. You can purchase vitamin C in 500 mg tablets which will work perfectly for this use.

    When you talk about the ‘colon cleanse’ I don’t know if you’re talking about the cleanse on the website’s main page or the one on the forum as they are quite different. Which did you use? Just tell me the ingredients if you want to.


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