Sore leg muscles for over a year, anyone else?

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    Any one experienced really sore leg muscles, prior to suspecting candida?

    Did it go away after resolving candida ?


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    2.) When can I start back on supplements (will it slow the candida kill off)

    3.) What’s the best way to confirm Candida kill off – via another spit test and symptoms disappearing?

    Candida related:
    I believe I have candida, I have been suffering with ME/CFS for 14 months.
    Previous main symptoms, debilitating fatigue, severely sore thigh muscles, this sometimes would effect the calf muscle. Twitching, problems sleeping, always picking up illnesses, always hungry, always urinating, always excreting (3+ times a day after CFS)
    Tongue was white at the back (1/3 down), stomach had expanded, I presumed at the time due to lack of exercise.

    What I have done so far:
    2 years ago I stopped dairy, as it appeared I was intolerant.
    4 months ago I stopped gluten, as it appeared I was also intolerant.
    12 weeks – stone age diet – my stools stopped being so lose and I would go only once a day. 4+ weeks later I stopped urinating all the time.
    Lots of supplements (see first link)
    4 weeks of Kefir from coconut milk
    2+ weeks -Paleo / ketogenic (dr my hills suggested diet)

    This is the point where I started feeling a real energy boost. I started reading about candida (off the back of leaky gut in dr my hills book). I noticed I had a white tongue, I always had 2 toe nails that were somewhat mildly discolored (i. 10 years) like a fungus and several of the other symptoms, CFS etc.

    Performed the spit test on 2 occasions, straight away I had string and deposits going to the bottom.

    I started the following:
    1 week confirming removal of certain foods that candida is sensitive too i.e mushrooms, pork

    3 days:
    All supplements removed (as I read candida can feed on these) except, Magnesium via spray, B12 via spray. dose or two of Echnicea, Vitamin C (2-3g a day), L-Glutamin (8-10G day) (really helps with leg pain)

    bentonine clay + psyllium husk
    anti fungals (Can Defence tablets)
    Lots of fresh garlic + cayenne
    Coconut pulling 4 times a week.

    Energy levels have been rising and I noticed the white on my tongue is starting to reduce (i.e going slightly patchy)
    On going issues:
    sore throat (elevated by talking alot) managable if this is reduced (4+ weeks)
    Sore legs
    One nose always partially blocked (1 week)

    I have used all the usual medical professions and they have yielded to be completely useless. I believe this may have been something that has been going on for a LONG time and once this gets better it will take some time for my adrenals to continue.


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    Fatigue and soreness is always a possibility with any kind of latent infection or illness, including gut dysbiosis and Candida overgrowth.

    The spit test is not reliable, and can be affected by (for example) just being dehydrated in the morning.

    I would consider getting a stool test to confirm candida overgrowth. They are expensive, but it could save you a lot of money on supplements going forward!

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