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    I’ve been reading alot on here for a few weeks. I’ve researched so much of this because I’ve had small help from doctors. I’ve been sick since January. This was all very sudden and out of nowhere. Prior to this year I became a runner and had run 7 half marathons and was a really healthy person. Something happened in January and I felt extremely sick. I’d been going to the doctor for months who kept telling me I’m having severe anxiety and gave me medications that only made me want to hurt myself. Nothing was working. I began to feel like I had to accept anxiety as a new part of life, wasnt sure how I was going to handle feeling this way. I travel alot and began to realize that I would feel a little better when I was out for travel. But as soon as I got back- I would become sick again. Only getting much worse after each trip. After several more trips to the doctor I was treated for uti twice given cipro. I missed a menstrual cycle and when I would try to run I just cried because the pain became so intense. With more doctor visits I was told I’m just having anxiety. I came home in July from a business trip when I began to have neurological issues. I had vision disturbances, couldn’t remember who I was at times and I had no focus. There were a couple days I left my car running when I went to work one day- or left my dog outside completely forgetting to let him in before leaving for work. At this point I knew something serious was happening. There was an afternoon that I saw outside where there was tons of mold under the vinyl siding where my kitchen is. Then found out I had a leak in the kitchen leaking a bucket of water per hour and my kitchen had black mold everywhere. During remediation I hit my worst point. There were nights I was afraid to sleep scared I wouldn’t see the next day. Muscles felt like they were being twisted and turning, tasted a chemical weirdness in my mouth, and felt like I was going to pass out. I completely lost feeling in the left side of my body. I had seen the doctor and went to hospital 4 times during this phase. Everyone told me there was no such thing as mold illness. My doctor refused to test for fungal infection because I had no physical signs. I drove 3 hours to a different hospital ranked top 5 in the USA. They did bloodwork for candida and I just found out it is positive. My doctor is pissed that I did this after he wouldn’t. I received a letter of termination from his practice because he doesn’t have my trust anymore. I don’t know what to do from here. I’ve been taking probiotics, garlic, cut sugar and carbs. I had severe swelling of my chest and it looked like there was a golfball from swelling up so bad. After reading this forum, I’m assuming this is the die off? I’m starting to feel like this is going to be permanent. I’ve read where this may or may not be cured. I have no physical signs of candida. But I can’t eat anything without feeling like something terrible is happening to me, and I have days that are just the worst feelings. It seems that this is ruining so many pieces of my life. I’m trying to find a new doctor and have had 5 turn me down so far due to not taking patients. In the process, I’m doing what I can to treat myself. Based on this being positive in my blood stream- is this permanent? Is it possible to cure candida through the cleansing if its already hit the blood? Any help on what I can do from here is great. I also read about tons of herbs and supplements but can I take a ton of these together or do I alternate them? I don’t want to hurt myself but feel like i can only help myself right now until I find a doctor who can help me more with all of this. Sorry so lengthy. Thanks!

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