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    Hello I´m on a candida diet for about 1 months and I have some questions.

    1-) Before of all I would like to do kefir but they are in my freezer for about 6 months and I never use it. Are they spoiled? What I can do to reactivate the grains again. Should I clean them with some milk?

    2-) Another question is can I take vinegar and balsamic vinegar( I love it)?


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    Kefir grains are insanely cheap (10.99 on amazon right now), I would just buy new fresh ones (Although you may be able to restore the ones you have).

    The only vinegar that’s probably helpful is raw apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s for example). I love balsamic as well but it contains sugar and yeast.


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    I would think that your kefir grains are ok. I would soak them in some milk a couple of times to wake them up prior to making your kefir.

    Only apple cider vinegar with the mother is safe. Bragg’s is the most common brand.


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    Balsalmic vinegar and regular distilled vinegar are harmful for your health while on this diet. It looks like you are trying to figure out a good dressing replacement. I know of one, its called annie’ brand dressing. They use apple cider vinegar, but the ingredients do contain a tiny amount of sugar and bad stuff. I feel this tiny bit of sugar is better than the vinegar myself; the benefits of eating salads outweigh not eating them.

    I did have regular vinegar for the first 9 months on the diet though and it slightly set me back; you can still get better while consuming it but you will not heal as good as possible.


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