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    Hi so I’m restarting the diet tomorrow. I tried it a couple months ago and gave up but I’m starting again tomorrow. I’m just going to do the diet and take a probiotic every day. I’m also going to start taking a prescription antifungal when I go back to my nutritionist next week. Here are my questions, sorry they are mismatched and random:

    1. Here are my symptoms: I’ve had a CONSTANT daily headache every single day for 6 months. It gets worse when I’m doing anything like driving or walking around but it’s fine when I’m lying down. I also see floaters in my eyes and have weird, blurred vision or see tiny white spots in my vision.

    SO, my question is could I really have candida if these are my ONLY symptoms? I don’t have itchy skin, yeast infections, digestion complaints, anything.

    2. Can I eat avocado? I know it’s kind of sugary.

    3. I’m seeing mixed reviews about eating meat. Obviously if I were to eat meat it would be organic and pure, but is it ok to eat meat every day? I don’t eat quinoa or grains or anything because of allergies so I highly doubt I’ll be able to live on just vegetables… So can I eat meat? If so, is every day ok?

    4. How long will it be until I feel better? Yes, I know I’m going to get some round-about response of “everyone is different” and “depending on your overgrowth” which I know are factors into determining this. But say I have an average overgrowth and strictly follow the diet every day. My aunt did the diet and she felt better in 6 weeks. When should I expect to feel better?

    5. Can I ever go back to my normal diet if this heals? I can’t take my ADD medicine, vyvanse, anymore because it makes my brain feel like it’s on fire now. So will I be able to take it daily again one day if I heal?

    6. I have really bad allergies so can I take decongestants?

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