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    Well I got up this morning and thought that I would try the spittle test. Well after I spit (sorry if sounds gross) it “sucked” to the side of the glass instantly. very strange. But within like 30sec, those stings started forming!! I know it said to check it every 20 min or so. well it happened within the first 30 sec adn by 1min they were touching the bottom of the glass. Was hopeing to go to a holistic doctor to be checked out but can’t find one I can afford. I really don’t like self diagnoseing, but if the “test results” showed up in the first 30 sec when i was supposed to wait 20 min.
    So where do ya’ll think I need to start?? how severe am I?? (probably pretty severe considering my syptoms have been going on for years)the detox sacres me. not sure if I can take off work.


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    Sounds like you’ve got candida overgrowth.

    A few things worth mentioning:

    1)the diet is expensive in itself. It doubled my grocery bill more or less; if I went to trader joe’s, it could be a little cheaper. The problem is, my diet before was grossly unhealthy and I had a highly acidic diet. A healthy diet is the best way to heal the body from any ailments.

    2)If you don’t have health insurance, the doctor could be costly. I recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor who specializes in treating candida and don’t waste your money on a western doctor. He/she may be able to work out a deal and even with just one appointment, it could really set you up for a good treatment plan. The supplements could up being more costly than the grocery bill.

    3)you won’t necessarily have to take off work while doing the detox diet; you just will have a bunch of gas, low energy, etc. After 1-2 weeks the worst symptoms subside (typically).

    4)Maybe consider taking out a loan or borrowing money from a family member/friend. Your health is very important and candida in extreme cases can be fatal.

    5)To get a full scientific diagnosis of candida is very costly typically with blood tests, etc. Even then they most likely will not be able to diagnose it with certainty.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Also check out the info this guy has on youtube:

    I agree with what he said about the saliva test; but if you have candida you also typically have a mold/fungel issue, allergies, cold like symptoms, etc. I feel that it is a general test that can tell you whether you are unhealthy or not but not in determining whether you have candida alone.

    Go ahead and get tested if you want, but it won’t be covered by insurance, there are very few places where you can do this test, and it most likely is pretty expensive.

    I say just try the diet and see whether the symptoms improve and if so you most likely have candida.

    Also I am no candida expert so take any suggestions I make with a grain of salt.


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    raster wrote: Maybe consider taking out a loan or borrowing money from a family member/friend. Your health is very important and candida in extreme cases can be fatal.

    For crying out loud, raster, don’t start telling people they need to go take out a loan to cure the Candida, damn man. It’s not that much more expensive than buying junk food every day which is what they were doing before the diet. That’s as much bull as you fed them when you were preaching on the spittle test every day or telling them that they had to alkalize their system, all pure bull.

    Ajastowers, first of all the spittle test isn’t worth a dime. You may as well crap in a jar and if it falls to the bottom say you have Candida.

    Two weeks ago in your first post, you stated that the following were your symptoms.
    ajstowers1: “My symptoms include, kidney dysfunction, chest pains, severe nonstop lethargy/fatigue, constant body aches, constant sinus infections, joint pain, constipation, bloating, dizziness, mental fog, stuttering, inability to focus sometimes, problems keeping my blood sugar regulated (stays to low), as well as other ‘female’ problems.”

    I told you at that time that all of your symptoms are classic Candida signs.

    I also wrote the following:

    “Before you start the diet or anything else, go ahead and purchase from a health or vitamin shop something called Molybdenum, this will help you through the die-off stage as well as protect your liver from the toxic waste released by the dying Candida which is what causes the die-off horrors. Start with 125- 250 mcg a day and work your way up to three doses, 250 mcg per day.

    As far as the diet is concerned, you’ll want to leave out all of the following:

    Avoid all dairy foods including butter for at least two full weeks. At that time try only Organic Plain (no sugar added) Greek Yogurt, a very small amount such as three teaspoons the first time. Pay attention to see if you receive any Candida reaction symptoms.

    Leave out all white flour and wheat products in general including anything with gluten, this is bread, rolls, etc. No cereal or oatmeal.

    Leave out red meat and pork as long as you can.

    No rice, corn, pasta, or potatoes, eat fresh, green vegetables only (raw or lightly steamed).

    Try to purchase organic eggs and make them your main source of protein. Chicken and young fish such as sardines (less mercury if any) are alright on the diet, organic chicken if possible but not absolutely necessary.”

    I advise against having meat or fish more than one time a day, stick to organic eggs as much as possible.

    No soy products at all, none.

    No sugar free gum or candy as it contains sugar alcohols.

    Check your toothpaste for sugar alcohols which can feed Candida just the same as regular sugar can. Also, most table salts contain Dextrose which is glucose, a sugar capable of feeding the Candida. Himalayan sea salt which is the purest form of salt with many life-sustaining minerals still intact does not contain added ingredients.
    The ingredients in Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste should be alright for Candida sufferers. Amazon carries this brand.

    You should know that you need to leave out all soda, diet or otherwise and carbonated drinks even carbonated water.

    No fruit or fruit juice other than lemons, but if you have a juicer, you can juice green vegetables and drink this several times a day. Lemons and lemon juice are good detoxing agents, you can have these several times a day.

    Leave canned foods out of your diet completely; eat only fresh foods from a local market.

    No white distilled vinegar; you can use pure organic apple cider vinegar if you need it.

    Drink all the water you can manage as it will help your body keep the toxins moving out. Take a glass to bed with you at night.

    You don’t need to start on an antifungal yet, wait a few weeks on the diet to see how things go.

    You’ll probably receive die-off reactions from the diet alone, so this is why you need to start the Molybdenum first.

    Whatever product or supplement you read about as far as getting rid of the Candida is concerned, run it by the panel here first. Millions of dollars are wasted by consumers every year on products that do absolutely nothing for a Candida infestation.”

    Like I stated, that’s been two weeks, and you should have completed all of the above by now, have you completed any of this?

    We’ll continue this after I receive your answer.



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    I’m sorry I upset you able, but some of us were living on like $30 a month for food for 2 years when we were out of work, and this is how a lot of young people live nowadays. If you buy coconut flour, organic eggs, greek yogurt, organic veggies, etc…it just really adds up (like $200-300 a month). Huge difference and this can cause people to go broke. Add in the supplements, its like $300-400 a month.

    Second, I took back what I say about the spit test…but if you try it, it shows that your body is not balanced.

    Third, many candida sufferers have a very acidic ph and with an acidic ph, candida can really thrive easily. For instance, I ate nothing but spaghetti, grains, fast food, and coffee for 2 years! Thats nothing but acidic food…many people eat like this and its not healthy.


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    raster wrote: For instance, I ate nothing but spaghetti, grains, fast food, and coffee for 2 years! Thats nothing but acidic food…many people eat like this and its not healthy.

    The reason you contracted Candida was because of all the sugar that was being produced by constantly eating nothing but starches, grains, fast foods and pasta which was feeding the Candida while the coffee was messing with your immune system making it easier and easier for the Candida to become an infestation, the overgrowth of Candida had nothing to do with your pH balance.

    Quote: “Third, many candida sufferers have a very acidic ph and with an acidic ph candida can really thrive easily.”

    Perhaps their ‘body’ was more acidic, but their intestines weren’t or the Candida wouldn’t have been able to grow into an infestation.
    The following is the reason most people believe that creating an “entire” alkaline body pH is beneficial to the treatment of Candida:

    First and most importantly, there’s a huge misconception about the acidic and alkaline balance in the body, and it all stems from the way our pH is normally tested. The way the test is done is by testing one or all of these; blood, urine, or saliva, and all three of these are naturally more alkalized. So people assume that the entire body is and should be more alkalized than acidic. But this is not true.

    The only way to get a true “natural” picture of the alkaline/acidic amounts in the human body is to look at one section of the body at a time, because some parts of the body are naturally more acidic, and others are more alkaline. If you did a pH check on the individual parts of the body this is a sample what you’d find:

    The skin is naturally more acidic, so is the vagina, and in a healthy human, the lower intestines especially are highly acidic.
    However, as I stated, the blood, urine, saliva and other sections of the body are naturally more alkaline. This is why it’s so misleading to make a claim that the human body itself should have a specific pH balance, or that it should be more of one than the other because it really all depends on which part of the body you’re talking about.

    The reasons that a more acidic environment is natural and needed in certain areas of the body are because, for one, the skin needs to be more acidic because it has to protect itself from environmental factors such toxins. According to science, a “healthy” vagina maintains an acidic environment, so why is it that all women with a normal pH (acidic) in the vagina don’t constantly have yeast infections? When the pH balance rises too high (too alkalized), yeast infections can be the result, which sometimes leads to a Candida infestation.

    Normally, in a healthy human being, the lower you go into the digestive system the more acidic it becomes because the digestive acids are part of the process of digesting and utilizing the foods we eat as fuel, plus the acidic environment protects us from such things as fungal infections in the digestive system.

    When the digestive system becomes too alkaline because of eating too many alkalizing/sugar foods such as fruit, or too many sugar producing foods which feed the normal Candida in our system in turn causing the pH in the intestines to become too alkaline, then the growing population of the yeast becomes a full-blown Candida infestation. In case some people didn’t catch that, the Candida put off gases which create an alkaline environment in order to thieve and multiply.

    Below are some facts to think about as far as the human body and the acidic/alkaline balance that prove with common sense that fungi like Candida cannot survive an acidic environment but will thrive in an alkaline environment.

    Research has shown us that pathogens are destroyed in an acidic environment and thrive in an alkaline environment (I’m referring to the intestines which are normally more acidic). On a normal basis Candida may not be considered a pathogen, but Candida albicans certainly is.

    It’s a well documented scientific fact that beneficial flora in the intestines create lactic acid which balances intestinal pH, they also produce short chain fatty acids as a by-product of fermentation in the intestinal tract which serve as food for the mucosal lining of the intestines and are indispensable to musocal health. In other words, the beneficial bacteria produce an acidic environment in our system. If producing acid is not a beneficial function for our system, why are the bacteria called ‘beneficial’ and why do we take them? It seems to me that if your theory is correct, taking a probiotic should create a Candida infestation if one is not already present. According to your theory, if you’re taking a probiotic, you should stop taking it immediately. After all, it’s gradually building an acidic environment in your intestines, right in the middle of the Candida’s home base.

    Why does the human body naturally produce HCl (Hydrochloric acid) in the stomach? It’s because the hydrochloric acid kills most of the contaminating microorganisms in the stomach which in turn allows for easier digestion.

    If what we’re told (and see for ourselves) about the traditional American diet being exactly like you described, why is it that only 60,000 people a year out of a population of 307,006,550 people contract Candida infestations if acidic is more common? Considering the theory of an alkaline environment being the way to stop the infestation, it seems that the opposite would be the case. That’s simple logic.

    Even though most people believe that Candida cannot be contracted through sexual intercourse, medical research and science says it can. I’ve also seen blogs and forums where one woman after another has sworn that that’s how they contracted either a yeast infection or Candida, in fact, there was a woman on this forum just a few days ago who claimed that’s the way she contracted the infestation, and when you know the facts, it’s not that difficult to understand. The vagina normally has a more acid pH making the normal environment for the vagina acidic, but semen has an alkaline pH, so having unprotected sexual intercourse three or more times within a 24 hour period can produce an alkaline environment in the vagina, and providing other aspects are suitable, such as the normal American diet consisting of high carbohydrate foods and sugar, this makes an ideal environment for a Candida overgrowth or yeast infection.

    So if, according to science, the vagina is predominately acidic in a healthy, normal female, and Candida thrives in an acidic environment, why do all women not have yeast infections — all the time?

    If you still believe that alkalizing the entire body is going to cure Candida, read the proof for yourself:
    The following research was published by the American Society for Microbiology.

    The giveaway statement in that information is, Candida were “able to efficiently bind to the Rim101 binding (test) site when isolated from cells grown at alkaline pH but not when isolated from cells grown at acidic pH.” What else can anyone possibly need to prove that Candida grows and thrives in an alkaline environment?

    As stated earlier, the answer to successfully treating a Candida infestation is very high counts of probiotics with as many strains as possible, eating kefir and yogurt for more acid producing strains and abstaining from the foods that will continue to feed the Candida.

    You posted, “it just really adds up (like $200-300 a month). Huge difference and this can cause people to go broke. Add in the supplements, its like $300-400 a month.”

    And yet one of the first things you’re telling them is to go borrow money so that they can pay an over-expensive doctor to ‘try’ and fix them when 9 times out of 10 naturopaths are unable do it? And it’s not necessary to spend that much money on the treatment, I know I certainly didn’t, and I cured my infestation in less than two months once I convinced myself that the answer was acidic and not alkalizing. Plus only a minimal amount of antibiotics are needed, and you can make your own yogurt and kefir at an extremely inexpensive cost. Also it’s much cheaper to eat organic eggs compared to the pounds and pounds of red meat and pork that the normal American eats.
    They could save their money by not paying that very expensive naturopath and instead spend it on green vegetables and beneficial bacteria sources.

    By the way, you didn’t ‘upset’ me, I’ve just become very passinate about people not getting rid of this beast when I know it’s so possible.

    So, no hard feelings here, Raster, I enjoyed the debate.



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    Word able…

    I think in general I don’t know what Im talking about with Ph and I am not specialist on this subject. Dr. Mccombs mentioned that candida actually thrives in an alkaline environment (like you’ve said). I’ve listened to about 5 hours of his radio shows and youtube videos now…

    Anyways, what I am wondering is…was my body very alkaline at one point to create a “good” environment for candida to grow? And if so, why is my body “too acidic” now…is it because I am healthier?

    Also, it seems that all of or many of the supplements recommended are acidic in nature; this means that your body needs to be more acidic to fight candida I guess unless they do the opposite and alkalize the body.

    So if my ph is 6.2 now, and it needs to be 6.8-7.35 (healthy ph) why are acids and acidic food recommended for the diet? If I get to that ph is that unhealthy?

    As far as my statement about the costs; there are cheap and expensive ways to do it. If you don’t buy organic it’ll cut your costs in half. If you don’t buy chicken, that makes it even cheaper.

    Expensive organic food items from raster’s shopping list:
    $20/week chicken
    $10 chicken sausage
    $12 almond meal (last 2 weeks)
    $8 coconut flour (last 2 weeks)
    $12 for 3 cartons of eggs (1 week)
    $20 worth veggies
    $10 stevia (lasts long time tho)
    $5 expensive toothpaste (1 mo)
    $10 for 2 tubs greek yogurt

    But man this really adds up:
    $30 probiotic/2x month
    $30 antifungals/avg. month (for like 4-5 different kinds)
    $7 molybdenum/month
    $20 undeceonic acid/caprylic acid/month

    optional ones:
    vitamin c (cheap)
    grape bitters ($20) (last a long time)
    vitamin b ($20-30) (1 month supply)
    homeopathics (not everyone else is taking these)


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    Hi, Raster.

    I don’t know if you get your pH test from your doctor or purchase the pH test kits, but the acidic/alkaline tests in general aren’t worth the time it takes to pay for them. First of all you can’t trust a pH saliva or urine test in general is because the foods you eat in the previous meal and the number of various bacteria in the mouth, which varies from one time to the next, can alter the pH readomg. It’s by no means a dependable indicator of the pH balance.

    Also, remember what I wrote about the ‘normal’ pH balance of the body; basically what I was saying is that you can’t test one section of the body (urine, saliva, blood or any other part) and get an average pH reading for the entire body, it’s simply impossible because different sections of the body will have totally different pH readings, therefore there is no such thing as “normal” unless you’re looking at one section of the body at a time.

    To give you an idea of the digestive system’s pH; the top or upper section of the intestine has a fairly high pH balance because of the release of pancreatic bicarbonate which neutralizes the stomach acid as it leaves the stomach. But then the pH actually decreases as the system leads to the colon where it decreases significantly and becomes quite acidic because the flora is constantly releasing acids. This of course is in the body of a normal and healthy human being, not a person with a Candida infestation in which the lower intestines and colon can become too alkaline.

    If you want a true reading of the section of the body that is affecting your Candida infestation, then you would need to have your lower intestines and colon tested, because that’s where the bulk of the Candida are as well as the beneficial bacteria which will eventually lead to enough flora to cure the infestation. The more acidic that part of the body is the more flora you’ll have and the less Candida. So by this you can see how testing the saliva, urine, or even blood isn’t going to give you a fair reading of where the beneficial bacteria and Candida infestation are basically located.

    Once the infestation is bad enough, it can become Candidasepsis or in other words, the Candida has become sepsis. At this point the Candida has actually entered the blood stream. If you do a normal reading of the blood, it’s always more alkaline, and in fact it would be abnormal if the blood were more acidic. However, the normal balance of the intestines is acidic; this is part of the reason why it’s so much easier to cure the infestation before it becomes widespread and enters the normal alkaline environment of the blood.

    Ok, I know that’s not exactly what you asked, but I’m just trying to show you how ridiculous it is to trust any pH test or to even bother with one; it simply can’t be accurate unless you want to know the pH balance of just one section of the body. If your doctor is testing your pH balance and charging you for it, you’re just wasting money that you could spend on probiotics or your diet.

    You listed your expenses as:
    $20/week chicken
    $10 chicken sausage
    $12 almond meal (last 2 weeks) This isn’t at all necessary, and it’s really a luxury item, plus the coconut flour as you know is much cheaper.

    $8 coconut flour (last 2 weeks)
    $12 for 3 cartons of eggs (1 week)
    Let me get this straight, you’re eating 36 eggs a week plus chicken and chicken sausage … every week?

    $20 worth veggies
    $10 stevia (lasts long time tho)
    $5 expensive toothpaste (1 mo)

    If you want to save on toothpaste, you can make your own by using regular baking soda mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide. And the hydrogen peroxide makes a very cheap but good mouthwash; just mix it half and half with water.
    $10 for 2 tubs Greek yogurt
    I eat yogurt and kefir three to four times a day, but I always make my own kefir (very cheap) and often make my own yogurt (much cheaper than store-bought). But the biggest benefit when these are made at home is that you know there are plenty of beneficial bacteria in them, there’s no question about it.

    But man this really adds up:
    $30 probiotic/2x month
    How far are you into the treatment now, Raster? You may be able to do just one capsule at 80-billion count a day if you’re eating both kefir and yogurt every day. Using the Renew Life brand would only be 42 bucks a month instead of 60.

    $30 antifungals/avg. month (for like 4-5 different kinds)
    Antifungals are usually and unnecessarily the biggest money pit, other than possibly a naturopath. Right now you don’t really need but two really good antibiotics. That’s not how you’re going to cure the Candida anyway; the flora will be the hero eventually. The main purpose of the antifungals is to significantly lower the initial count of the Candida population until you can raise the probiotic count, and also so that the worse symptoms will subside quicker. Once the symptoms have lessened significantly, just two good antifungals taken at a lower dose will suffice. The best I found were coconut oil and oil of oregano. The cheapest and probably best all-round fungal killer I used was rutabaga.
    Looking at the amount you posted, 30 bucks for 4 or 5 antifungals is actually pretty cheap. Which ones are you using?
    As far as the B vitamin at $20 to $30 a month is concerned, I’ve stated before on the forum that we don’t need to take these if we’re using probiotics, plus yogurt and kefir added is just a big, beneficial plus. The probiotics will build the B vitamins in the correct ratio which taking a B vitamin supplement cannot possibly provide.
    The homeopathic supplements are completely unnecessary as well if you’re taking everything else you’ve named. Also, research has shown that often homeopathic meds can eventually make the infestation worse.


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