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    My problems with eating/bloating seem to be located in the area of the small intestine. I read this will likely be SIBO, but as far as I know candida can also be located here. In case both are, is there a preferred order in which to deal with the two?



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    Hard to tell what you have, the symptoms are very similar. And that’s a very good chance you have both, this is often the case because one allows the other to develop. I treated the SIBO first than the candida. The only reason I did it that way was my research lead me to SIBO first and then later I discovered candida after I still was not feeling well.

    I beginning to think that the smartest thing to do is treat both at the same time. The last two months I really only been treating the candida by taking antifungals, but phase you the anti-microbials. That was a mistake, I think the SIBO (or H pylori) is back. The reason I say that is because I have a vitamin b12 deficiency that has started to get worse again. While candida can interfere with absorption of vitamins, the b12 deficiency that I have is more closely associated with bacteria. But I definetly still have candida as evidenced by the white coating on my tongue (which is still slowly clearing up).

    But I digress, the problem with treating one but not the other is your giving the other one the opportunity to take place of what your treating. Especially with candida, as you kill off bacteria, it sees that as an opportunity to expand. Whatever you decide to do make sure you take a probiotic to replace the stuff you’re killing off.

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