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    Help! I went on a candida diet 2 weeks ago, and after 3 days into it my feet and groin area exploded into the most miserable cases of athlete’s foot & jock itch and my life is becoming unbearable for lack of sleep & other obvious reasons.
    I started applying tea tree oils, coconut oils, olive oils, apple cider vinegars, listerine, witch hazel, bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol (which was so painful I almost called an ambulance), medicated powders, creams and then hydrocortizone and clotrimazole . . and nothing works.

    Is this part of the side effects of the diet, or the ‘die-off’? I cannot afford professional treatment so I hope someone can please advise me as what to do.


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    Skin conditions have known to get worse with the diet.


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