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    I keep getting episodes of bad pain in stomach and feeling that I am going to puck, then after 10 mins it goes away. happens every few hours, is this die off. My stomach feel like a war going in in there at times.


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    sounds like die-off to me; if you feel sick/ill then these are typical symptoms.



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    Hello, Theresa.

    To agree with Raster, this sounds very much like die-off.
    Other than the 50 mcg of molybdenum that you’re getting in the Spectravite multivitamin, are you taking a molybdenum supplement? 50 mcg really isn’t enough to remove the die-off symptoms from the toxins that the Candida are releasing into your body.

    Also, did you stop taking the Digest Spectrum that you were originally taking? I hope so, because it was actually feeding the Candida albicans.



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    I will have my husband stop tonight and get me some of the molybdenum supplement. I stopped the Digest Spectrum.

    Thank you so much…

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