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    Let me start by giving a little background before my questions.

    I caught a cold before thanksgiving, and that turned into what I thought was a sinus infection.  I went to the doctor and he of course prescribed a round of antibiotics.  I got partially well and then it got worse.  I went back to the doctor and, you guessed it, another round of antibiotics.  When all was said and done, I had taken four rounds of antibiotics and a round of prednisone.  By that time I had developed the following symptoms:

    • Lots of bubbly white saliva
    • Feeling of things caught in my throat
    • Globus pharyngis
    • Sweats (especially at night)
    • Tinea Versicolor had taken over my back and up my neck and into my hair.
    • Gas/bloating
    • Heartburn.  Not in the lower part of my stomach, but more at the top and into my throat.
    • Dizzyness/almost drunk feeling
    • Sugar/Carb cravings
    • White tongue

    I was then diagnosed with oral thrush and they prescribed 2 Fluconazole (1 per day for 2 days) and 1 tsp Nystatin (4 times per day) with 4 refills of each.  After the 1st week, most symptoms had partially gone away, but after about 10 days, I started getting returning (sometimes worse) symptoms along with severe congestion/post nasal drip, popping in my throat when I swallow, a feeling of air bubbles in my throat when I lie down, and I felt like I had a fever although my temp was only 96.4.

    I have diagnosed myself with a systemic yeast infection, although my doctor doesn’t think that there is such a thing.

    Now to my questions.  Do you think that I have diagnosed myself correctly?  Could the returning symptoms be from die off? And if so, how long do these symptoms usually last? Finally, will my current medication be enough to rid me of this plague?



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    Check out candia5 test for diagnosis, its pretty cheap and you can do it at home.  This will determine whether your body has an elevated immune response to fight yeast.

    Die-off usually encompasses flu-like symptoms and the air bubbles symptom kinda reminds me of histamine problems.

    The symptoms vary person to person and length and so you could have them for a few weeks to a few months.  If you develop a detox plan, this should make die-off less bad if you are experiencing die-off.

    The medication may or may not work, the yeast is strong and could go into other places in your body, etc.



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    After my first post, I came down with terrible nasal congestion and a sore throat.  I went to a different doctor that told me that in addition to my oral thrush I probably had it in my pharynx and maybe my nasal passages.  He prescribed 7 days of fluconazole and told me to keep taking the nystatin.

    After a couple days my nose cleared back up, and today I felt something break loose in my throat just above my Adams apple.  It seemed to move around from side to side a few minutes and then I was able to swallow normally and whatever it was  – was gone.  After that my throat was fine.  The only thing is that now I’m feeling chills, but my temp has gone down to 95.3.  Could these be symptoms of candida, or should I be worried about something else?


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    This sounds like an ordinary sinus infection that has now been combated by your body. What you’re feeling now are just the last symptoms. Infections, especially those in the body cavities like the sinuses, don’t disappear from one second to the next, but they gradually fade away. That’s what you are experiencing now.

    Give it a few more days, a week at most. Then you should be back to normal.



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