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    My ND recently suggested that I re-take the Leaky Gut test again to see if there’s been any improvement. I’m hesitant because it requres that I drink mannitol and lactulose. Will these sugars effect my Candida diet?


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    How was your leaky gut test results before? How long have you been on the diet and supplements now?

    It takes many many months to heal leaky gut. I wouldn’t get retested for it until you are fairly certain it is healed up and possibly 6 months after starting the diet. Why do I say this? Because my leaky gut is healing slowly, but I am probably not the same as everyone…

    One way to see whether you have leaky gut is to eat foods not on the allowed foods list such as wheat, dairy, or sugar. When your leaky gut is healed, you shouldn’t be allergic to these food items. For instance, I was once horribly allergic to wheat, potatoes, and vinegar…now I don’t get any reaction really to any of these.



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    What supplements did you take to help heal leaky gut?? I have gluten intolerance and have ordered marshmallow formula but I won’t be starting it until 3-4months on the diet



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    The last time I took the test was about a 1 year and 4 months ago. Interestingly, I did the test along with a CSA which showed I had “few to none” candida albicans. My ND never told me to watch my sugar/carb intake. He only to stay away from foods on the FODMAP list. So I started to consume maple syrup, artificial sweetner, white rice, potatoes, etc (I can imagine everyone cringing right around now) which were on the “allowed” list according to him.
    2 months ago, I started feeling new symptoms and realized that my candida had returned with a vengeance.
    Now the ND wants to do the Leaky gut test again to see if my Leaky Gut has worsened to see if I need to up my treatment/supplements.
    I don’t mind doing the test. I just want to make sure the sugary solution I have to drink (mannitol and lactulose) don’t set me back on my candida diet.

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