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    Dr. Mccombs says that fungal yeast can’t be converted back to its non fungal form while taking probiotics (at least initially in the first 7 weeks of taking SF722, then after that they become key):

    “I don’t recommend using the Candida Force/SF722 together with probiotics. (for the first 7 weeks). That comes from my experience in using both for over 20 years. Probiotics have been shown to support whichever immune response is dominant. With the presence of systemic fungal candida, there tends to be a Th2 immune system response that is more dominant, as a Th1 response would be more effective at eliminating fungal candida. Candida drives this response and taking probiotics could facilitate this.”

    I have been doing the two together, along with antifungals and am having relief however, I was just curious to see what you think of this since the forum protocol starts the probiotics soon after the antifungals.

    Thank you!


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    I generally wouldn’t be worried about it. Go ahead and try it out if you want.


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