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    I just finished taking a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. I’m still coughing up a small amount of clear phlegm and today I began experiencing extremely painful sinus pressure in my face. I do NOT want to start round 2 of antibiotics. Any advice? I don’t want to go hardcore with the antifungals for fear of a harsh die off reaction.


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    Can you do herbs?

    You could do an Echinacae/goldenseal tincture, but since goldenseal is an antifungal, you may want to put that one off a while.
    Yogi Tea does Immune Support. Its effective and gentle. I love it.

    There are pubmed studies showing you cant get “used” to echinacea, and that it is supportive of your immune system, not like an antibiotic.

    Also, take into consideration probiotics.
    Someone here may advise for a brand, but probiotics ARE your immune system…so you might consider taking them now that you have wiped them out with an antibiotic.

    I had chronic sinus infections when I was young. They are awful, im so sorry you are going through it.

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