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    I had a glass of kefir starter this evening, and within 30 minutes of drinking it began to feel incredibly dizzy and nauseous. I also had a couple of bowel movements around the same time. Haven’t felt this bad in quite some time. In fact, I’m still feeling dizzy seven hours later. Is this a form of die-off, or a reaction to the kefir? I’ve been drinking this particular brand of kefir starter (on and off) for quite a few months now and have never experienced such a reaction before. I didn’t drink a lot. The same as usual. So it’s not a case of me overdoing it. Really not sure what the problem is, but I’ll stop taking it for a while. Has anyone ever had similar symptoms after drinking kefir? Is it normal, or something I should be concerned about?

    Would appreciate any feedback you could give me.


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    Hi, M – I get the exact same symptoms; in fact, I’ve gone up to a cup and a half at a time, and the dizziness and nausea are quite intense (especially if I move my head too fast). Are you taking molybdenum? Apart from water, vitamin c, zinc and hot baths will help. In essence, it’s a sign that what you’re doing is working!



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    Not a fan of water kefir or coconut kefir. They have too many yeast strains in them. When a beverage has a mild alcoholic aftertaste is telling me that too many yeast strains are in it. The same can apply to kombuchu as well . People that have yeast overgrowth or yeast sensitivities should not be taking a product that has almost 50% yeast strains in it. Thats not the proper balance for the body anyways. A healthy gut does not have almost 50% yeast strains in it, so why would someone consume a beverage that has close to 50% yeast strains in it. Does not make any sense from a gut ecology stand point of view. The healthy gut ecosystem is mostly good bacteria with some beneficial yeast.


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    Thanks for the responses.

    I’m still not sure whether what happened was a reaction to the milk (too much milk used), or a sign of die-off but it was incredibly intense and unpleasant.

    @jameskep-It makes sense what you said about consuming too much yeast. Perhaps it was that.

    @Imm-I’m not taking Molybdenum anymore since I’ve been on the diet for over a year now, and haven’t had too many problems with die-off lately.

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