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    I have started the cleansing phase (option 2) and on my second day. The die of effects are so bad I’m vomitting and can’t even keep water down – which is not good considering yopu really need to drink plenty of water. What am I to do??


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    Sorry I don’t have any advice but I was going to say the same thing. I’ve attempted the cleanse 3 times and every single time have been violently sick on day 3. I also get incredibly shakey, am unable to walk unaided and am completely incapacitated for a day. I have been unable to continue with the cleanse after this. Does anyone know of anything we can do to minimise these symptoms?


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    I took Dramamine for the nausea. I was having a lot of heartburn also..and was taking Zantac. Then I read somewhere on line not to take the antacids as it encourages candida growth.


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    I’m new to this forum but, I have done a lot of fasting in the past. I am on day 3 now, option 2, but, yesterday was my worst day so far. This one does give me some flulike symptoms, a cough, a bit of headache and teary eyes, die off? Unless I did pick up a cold the other day when I was exposed.

    Had a real bad flare up 1 week ago. Thought I was feeling better, so all last week I had pretty much what I wanted, chocolate, cinnamon buns, smoked salmon, coffee and coffeecake being the last thing that did me in! Got so sick and got so worried, cause I’ve been nothing but sick these last 2 month. How could I forget all about the candida that I had already diagnosed myself with early January?! Did the spit test and I had a lot of symptoms. I don’t know, guess I didn’t think I was that ill.

    Anyways, after the flare up I put myself on a liberal candida diet for 4 days. Weaned myself off caffeine, a little less every day and also prepared myself mentally that I wasn’t going to eat for 7 days. Did have some grapefruit juice day one and day 3, as my broth wasn’t ready and I was feeling weak. Maybe, that is what made the difference. I’ve read on other sites that you can have
    GF juice and I did juice it myself. Also, as soon as you feel a little out of it, have something, water a herbal tea, that will make you a little happier. Mint tea and/or ginger tea should be good. Be gentle to yourself.

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