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    Hi all. It is my first post here and I want to share with you my findings. Couple of years ago my doctor diagnosed SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS on my SCALP and my FACE. Doctor then gave me shampoo for the scalp KETOCONAZOLE and on my question about the face skin he said: “Hm with the face skin the situation is a bit different”. And it stayed on it.
    The shampoo does the job for me but also developed an addiction in a view that if I use another shampoo the dermatitis is back or if longer period of no hair washing, dermatitis is again back. For the face I was using same shampoo when hair washing and it was calming it down but only for the day. Along the way I was trying several creams with no effect.
    Recently my friend gave me RESCUE CREAM made by BACH ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES. For me it worked miracles. With the less than a month of not so disciplined use ( if once a day) my face is back to normal, NO REDNESS, NO PEALING , NO CRACKS, NO DANDRUFF. HONESTLY THE CREAM IS SUPER. I must say here the scale of fascial affection by seborrheic dermatitis on my face was not a high one but it was visible, sometimes very, and of course very annoying.
    I warmly recommend you RESCUE CREAM made by BACH ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES.
    It is a bit costly and WARNING people with allergies to flowers may be affected. Good luck.


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    I am having the same problem, but since I started the diet, my facial skin is clearing itself and regaining the glow. At this point I dont want to try anything new…..


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    Love to hear both of your stories in

    Many other forum members suffer from SD and related skin diseases.

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