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    I am 56 male and up until a couple of months ago had no health issues and no Rx drugs.
    The one come and go issue would be areas of inflamed red skin on my face in the middle of my forehead, and cheeks,
    sometimes chin. It would seemingly come and go without any sign of why. So, first it was Rosacea (I tried every topical creme and herbal supplement) then it may be fungal (so I tried antifungal ointments) – then back to Rosacea. I found a couple of things that lessened th redness and since I had no discomfort thought little of it since no Dr could agree on a diagnosis.

    This year I had 2 pretty serious infections that I just couldn’ fight with my usual alternative regimens. Finally I succumbed to my Dr. to have a 10 day antibiotic and with the second event prednisone. All the while I was taking the drugs I was very careful about probiotics, I drink kefir every day and also yogurt. About 1 month later, I had a fainting episode after which my blood pressure had gone form 120/75 to 190/high 90s.
    I went cardiologist, specialist and inconclusive – I just became hypertensive overnight. My blood sugar was also elevated, as well as my liver enzymes. After 4 months of constant test and now taking meds fro HBP (whic are no good for my liver), suffering form daily headaches, flu-like symptoms that coma and go, mood swings – all overnight – with an ever increasing digestive problem (an area where I never had a problem) – gas, bloating, ever changing stool, cramps both upper and lower (oh u have to take Prilosec). The “rosacea” has become cosntant and is spreading on my face – looks like sever sunburn and gets dry, scaly and flakes off. I can put topicals on that stop the itch (also new) but not the redness.

    I started doing some research on my own. A few weeks into this and it all makes sense. The whitecoats don’t think much of my idea.
    So, I decided to dart a Candida Diet on my own. I came across so many diets that had the same basics but details differed. A friend who had successfully conquered the problem shared it with me. But it does not allow Kefir or Kim Chi or any ferments and absolutely no vinegars.
    I see some variation between diets and wonder 2 things….

    Firstly, how did you reach your diagnosis?
    Secondly, what about the variations in permissible and excluded foods.

    Thank you.


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    I never got a diagnosis, but I tried the diet and got extreme “die off” from the candida dying. Its what your symptoms are now but amplified for a period of time basically. You can get a few tests done but will have to get a naturopathic doctor to analyze the results because very few western doctors in the US will even acknowledge candida and gut disorders.

    The tests you should research are the candida immune complex test and the stool test with genova diagnostics. This combined with your history of antibiotic use can lead to a “positive” diagnosis.

    One thing to keep in mind is we all have candida and parasites; just at different levels. If you lose some of the flora in the gut(by taking antibiotics), you can easily have an opportunistic parasite that has made you ill.

    The skin issue is likely due to lack of hydrochloric acid in the body; if you supplement yourself with some HCL you likely will notice an improvement.

    A very large percentage of americans have some kind of constipation and this can cause all sorts of problems in my opinion.

    We have a strict forum diet and its up to you to decide what is best for you. We recommend a diet with low starch, low sugar, no grains, molds, dairy, etc. If you are interested in a copy, email able900. It’s greatly helped my situation and is a great base diet to start out in my opinion.



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    Thank you for the reply. I had not heard about the HCL issue and I am kinda surprised. All the alkaline I put in my body may been too much.
    Sure, I would love to see the diet plan. I see the able900 but no domain. Thanks again.

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