saute vegetables

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    Keep the ingridiens constant moving or else the whil burn.

    Always pre heat the pan. You dont whant the oil to be in the pan long without the vegetables.

    The way I test if the pan is hot enoughf is to poor a drop of water afther a littel time(1 min). If it vaporises at once I is time to trow the oil in. Then you stick a wood kitchen tool down in the pan and it starts to bubel around it the time to trow the vegetables in is here.

    The vegetables has differnt cooking times to get them good and crunshy.
    My rutine is: 5mins onions, shredded cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli.
    3min aspargues, eggplant, squash.

    Use cooking oils with high smoke temperatures. I like canola oil best.

    Afther 5 mins get the vegetables of the pan and to a plate. To keep them for getting hotter.

    Always make all the vegetables ready before beginig this procces you dont have time to cut while sauteing.

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