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    So I’ve pretty much tooken care most of my candida overgrowth, alot of my GI symptoms and other sinus problems have been relieved along with fatigue. However, as I’ve been eating Bubbies Raw Sauerkraut, I’ve looked in the mirror recently and realized that there is just breakouts EVERYWHERE on my cheeks and near my jaw.

    Could this be that I haven’t completely healed my leaky gut and the probiotics are just triggering allergic reactions or does sauerkraut always do this the first time you take it?

    If so, what food do you recommend I use to get probiotics into my system without having to deal with these skin flare-ups?

    I’ve already tried kombucha tea, kimchi, and some other fermented foods and that didn’t really help since they all mostly broke me out,and I’m currently taking asparagus and raw onion as my prebiotics which is fine. I don’t really like the idea of swallowing capsules made from supplement companies.


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    I would cut out most foods temporarily if there causing any bad reactions.
    I used to have breakouts on face and body, sometimes cystic.
    I would start with cooling any inflammation via omega 3’s (e.g. Fish oil, Flax, etc.)
    Omega 3’s have always been the most significant factor with my skin.



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    You need to have a detox plan when you take stuff that kills yeast and bad bugs…your body might be in too compromised of a state to tolerate anything.


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