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    I ve been on the diet for two months and antifungals for a month and a half, no matter what I eat I m just bloated. I added Hcl 3 weeks ago and have been having 2 to 3 bm a day. I have Bacteria overgrowth also, I just feel like I m stuck with this forever. I m 31 and I m skinny but muscular, but the bloat is so depressing. Is it just the bad bacteria and yeast? Thats what my naturalpath says but I just have doubt. Has anyone got through the bloating? Is it just a time thing? Just depressing ya know


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    My bloating goes up and down, but I’ve gotten it mostly down to where I’m always a little gassy, but not painfully or life-impactingly so. I am on day 41, for reference.

    Things that make me bloated:
    – Not taking all my pills on time
    – Eating too fast
    – Eating too much at one time (I do several small meals a day instead of a couple big ones, try to only eat to 80% full)
    – Eating things that aren’t on the diet
    – Eating too many carbs/protein compared to veggies (I try to do 60-80% veggies)
    – Eating too many raw veggies

    Things that help make me less bloated:
    – Relaxing
    – Eating slowly
    – Eating small meals
    – Only eating when I’m hungry
    – Taking all my pills
    – Taking Gasitrix pills
    – Drinking Eater’s Digest or other digestive tea
    – Chewing on fennel seeds (it’s nature’s Gas-X! :D)
    – Taking calcium/magnesium/zinc pills
    – Eating extra fiber (I put a scoop of Fiber Smart in my oat bran each morning – it’s specially formulated for sensitive intestines and tastes good because it’s mostly flax)
    – Going for walks, even a short one around the block, when I have the energy
    – Drinking a lot of lemon water
    – Eating my veggies and easy-to-digest foods
    – HCl (although I ran out and I have bitters coming in the mail, which should also help)

    I feel like the digestive stuff is the hardest to heal, so it will be the last to go, you know? So we just have to keep up with what we’ve been doing that’s positive and helpful, and treat our bodies like they are our best friends. It’s not our body’s fault that it’s infected with this shit, it’s ours, you know? We kinda owe it some nurturing, and that takes time. How many years did you eat junk food, drink, smoke, or do drugs, etc.? A lot longer than two months, I’m guessing. And it’s a lot easier to destroy something than to create something, so keep that in mind.

    There is totally hope and healing happening! You just have to be patient with your body and yourself and foster it, let it happen.


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    My metabolism is so fast I can’t gain weight. I would eat McDonald’s breakfast, followed by snacks. Then pizza, burgers, Chinese then more sugar. I’d eat a ton ones meat and pasta followed by ice cream. Then a weight gainer. I’m a cage fighter so I wouldn’t even gain weight. Plus years on antibiotics got me here. It hit me 5 months ago with the digestive problems. So I did it to myself. The only bad stuff I eat is coconut cake with yogurt every night but that’s not even bad. I do have to slow down eating though. I scarf down. I eat tons of meat because I’m still training but not to the capacity of what I did. Good news is no sinus infections, my acid reflux is 80% cured but the bloating. Ugh just so frustrating. You made a good point it could be the last to leave in your digestive track. Thanks for responding, it’s just a distorted look, looks terrible yet I have a six pack lol. Depressing but I will win this battle

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