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    Hi, everyone.
    This inquiry is about a few food items that I absolutely cannot eat because of an almost instant (within an hour) reaction from the Candida. One is salt, for the first few months on this diet, I could eat a little regular salt with only a small reaction. Now, six months later, I find that I cannot have so much as a grain of regular salt. Now I’ve gone to Morton’s sea salt, but it seems like I may be having some reaction to that as well. I plan to go to a reputable health food store next week and purchase kelp sea salt.
    Now to the next food item, I can eat coconut meat without any problems, but when I tried to drink the coconut water, I had a terrible reaction which lasted several days. Coconut water is on some of the Candida diets, but I know that it has some sugar in it, and I’m wondering if it has too much for me to tolerate.
    I’m just wondering, has anyone else had these problems, especially the fact that I was originally able to tolerate a little table salt, but no longer can.

    Thanks for your response.

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