Salmon Stir Fry

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    OO what a great idea for the recipes forum!! So this is what I had for dinner tonight and it is truly delicious:

    Saute some onions in organic butter until golden and then add the salmon and cook until ready. Set aside.

    Saute veg (I used red cabbage, broccoli, courgettes/zucchinis, bean sprouts, onions) in more organic butter and plenty of olive oil until soft. Add salt, pepper, garlic salt and any other spices/herbs you want. Perhaps some ginger.

    Mix veg together with salmon. I ate this with wild rice pasta but it goes well with soba noodles too (which I believe we’re allowed?!) and would be very tasty on its own as well. Could even try it with some brown rice.

    Let me know if you try it 🙂

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