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    Hello, i have a question. I ve been on the diet for over two months now, although on the first one i only took very mild probiotics and no antifungals except olive leaf tea and garlic. Then i took a break from the probiotics for two weeks but continued the diet. Then things got serious and i ve been taking caprylic acid, pau darco, milk thistle and probiotics with more bacteria in them for the last two weeks. I only had eczema, fatigue and acne which i could relate to candida before. it is true that i do feel much better but to see that it isnt the placebo effect i spit into a glass of water this morning. There was strings much much more than i had before i started the treatment. I dont think there is any chance it got even worse, so, could it be that they got up until my mouth cause there is such a bombardment of anti fungals and good bacteriA down there? Or in search of sugar or something? Has anybody also tried the test during the treatment? Or do you have any ideas? Thank you!


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    The spit test should not be used for diagnosis:

    For diagnosis, I would aim for candida complex test which determines whether you are allergic to yeast or not. If you are allergic to yeast, you can then take candida allergy immune hypo-sensitization shots if desired.


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