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    I’m about to buy some S.boulardii from http://www.amazon.com/Nutricology-Saccharomyces-Boulardii-Vegicaps-50-Count/dp/B0014TBTTW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1396210009&sr=8-3&keywords=s+boulardii

    and I was wondering if I could still cook with coconut oil and eat garlic powder. Keep in mind I’ve been on the SCD diet since last August and I started the candida version of the diet 4 months ago no fruits, honey. I don’t even think I have that bad of a candida problem, the reason why I tried the candida version of the SCD was because I was eating a ton of honey and some fruits and was getting gassy and bloating a little.

    I don’t have most of the symptoms that you guys have here, I do have a white tongue, and I did go through some good die off like dizzyness brain fog. I’ve never had any itching, topical yeast infections like atheletes foot etc.

    The reason why I’m on the scd diet is because I have Crohns Disease. But I still think I have a candida problem but it isn’t that bad.


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    I’d get floraster instead, its the good stuff.

    The garlic powder and coconut oil shouldn’t be too bad but I wouldn’t consume in high quantities.


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