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    Hi, Everyone!

    I have been struggling with yeast infections with at least mild symptoms almost nonstop since the beginning of December, after antibiotics. I have never had digestion issues or fatigue–my only symptoms are a good ole’ yeast infection that won’t go away! I’m just graduating college and have always had a relatively healthy diet, although I was partial to fruit.

    To give context, here is my timeline:

    I took antibiotics at the end of October and developed a yeast infection and later, oral thrush. Since then, I have been to multiple doctors and have tried Fluconazole (4 1-week rounds, though not consecutively), Triamcinolone Cream, Metronidazole cream, Terconazole cream, Boric Acid, and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream. I used nystatin swish successfully the first time, but now the oral thrush is back and not responding to a 1-week dose Nystatin.

    I have been taking probiotics since November, and I eased into the diet on March 14, and began a stricter diet by about March 25th. My diet includes coconut and almond flour, and a cup of green or matcha tea daily, but that’s the closest to “cheating” I get. I also tried Soloray “Yeast Away” for about a month, but it caused nausea and didn’t seem to help, so I laid off. My current probiotic is Klaire Labs Vital-10: [], although I have also been trying Plexus ProBio5 as my sister had some left over and I’m a broke college student.

    I’m now searching for a new regimen. I have researched some positive things about Thorne Research Formula SF722, but am unsure what to pair it with (as I’ve heard it is important to have a multifaceted plan). I have also researched that it’s harmful to rotate/mix antifungals… So this causes me to want a thought-out plan, there’s just so much conflicting info! If someone could share their daily regimen and any links to research that lead them that direction, that would be so appreciated. Do I need enzymes? Special vitamins? Specific probiotics? Which antifungals? I’m currently trying to graduate and planning my wedding this June… Needless to say I’m ready to put this candida behind me!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I take Candida Complex by Healths Harmony. A doctor who was treating one of my relatives had him on it. What’s interesting about the product is that it shares the same eleven ingredients — including their amounts — of other candida pills. I don’t know which company came up with the formula first. Look on the internet and you might find a cheaper alternative to the brand I suggested, although I consider the one I take inexpensive: $18.00 for a two-month supply.


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    This is how mine started except it started with a uti and from the antibiotics from that I kept Getting recurrent yeast infections for 6 months. I tried Everything .. unfortunately I ended Up allergic to diflucan and had no choice but to use nystatin and gentian violet ( which i swear by) that was the only thing that finally took my yeast infection away. Months later I ended Up getting itchy underarms and feel like It spread there ( gross I know ) My doctor thinks I’m crazy because it’s just itchy but you can’t see a rash so I’m on nystatin 500,000 mg once a day and hoping it goes away plus a clean diet. So crazy how this crap appears out of no where. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Wish you luck!


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    I went the herbal route. Probiotics are great, I take one, but you need to take several things at once if you’re going to tackle this problem. I recommend SF722, but also take coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the best natural anti-fungals, you can find it in any supermarket, and its inexpensive. I just posted a long list of things I take here: Take a look at it and you can research each thing and decide what’s right for you. Again I’d caution you, don’t start a ton of new things at once or you may be overwhelmed with die-off symptoms. Take one or two new things and see how its goes.

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