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    First of all, hey everyone! Joined the forum in the hope of finding out and treating what it is that has made me feel ‘not myself’ for a long time. I’ve been experiencing strange symptoms for two years now and doctors have done some blood testing but are not being very helpful because they mostly coming back in the normal ranges. (though my thyroid goes between normal and underactive, not currently on any treatment)

    Although I believe some of my issues are from a hormomal change after a time of stress, I do wonder if a Yeast or systematic problem is causing others. Im 23 years old and want my life back, but over the course of the two years here is what has been happening/has changed…

    – Lighter periods
    – Acne and Oily Skin
    – Weight Gain
    – Huge Appetite
    – Depression and Anxiety
    – Dry Eyes and Flakey skin in eyebrows, sometimes in hairline and in patches on my face.
    – Lack of Energy, dizzy spells, tiredness, foggy brain. These symptoms can sometimes lessen when I eat something.

    The Dry Eyes have been quite severe at times, which is strange considering im only 23, my vision is fine, but i’ve been told by a few specialists that my eye problem could be related to my skin which is very oily but also flakey at times. I also suffer from a little acne which also appears on my chest, back and shoulders.

    I have had a fungal toe nail infection for three years, at one stage it was very bad. My nails are now in a better state after topical treatment but are still discoloured slightly.

    My tongue always seems to have a yellow coating which is worse at some times than others.


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    A lot of your symptoms are thyroid related symptoms imho. Have you had your iodine levels checked?

    Do you have rectal itching or white tongue?



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    Could be many things, I have the oily skin, acne, depression, anxiety, lack of energy and brain fog. Also, the flakey skin on the face and eyebrows sounds like seborrehic Dermatitis which I also have by the way. The only reason I made a strong connection between the seborrehic dermatitis and the candida would be that the dermatitis is caused by a yeast called Malassezia (formerly known as Pityrosporum). I would agree with raster though on first impressions, it does seem to be possibly thyroid related. I figured mine was but after many tests have confirmed that my thyroid is functioning properly. I have been on the candida diet for almost one month and my dermatitis has almost disappeared on my scalp with the acne still ongoing bur becoming less persistent. still have a LONG way to go though, many years of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, little sleep, poor diet, and bad outlook on life has given me an extremely toxic body that I am now in the process of healing. You should visit a naturopath and start to cleanse your body, I am a strong believer in the connection between skin conditions and a overly toxic kidneys, liver, adrenals, or impaired gut lining.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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