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    This will be a long story, but please bare with me because I need help and I’m really scared!

    I am only 18 years old but for the past 5 years (until this may) I was a very high carb but a VERY HIGH FAT vegan (so extremely unhealthy). For example, I would eat tons of dates and deep fried plantains for breakfast then a dinner of like french fries and fake meat. But, of course as a rebellious teen all I cared about was being different and I didn’t mind putting my body through this hell. Just recently (about a year ago) things really started to go downhill. In my last 2 blood works I have been low iron anemic, but I kind of brushed it off as being part of my heavy menstrual cycles. I was prescribed very high strength iron supplements to try to help, but I did not maintain taking them well.

    This is where things really scare me though: that same year I started developing progressively high calcium levels and I had an aggressive rash on both of my nipples.They prescribed me a steroid cream and it appeared to have healed for a few months. But, here I am a year later and my calcium level is still very high and my left nipple and areola are both extremely inflamed and heavily weeping. It has gotten to the point where my I can’t wear a bra because my nipple will nearly glue itself to the fabric by way of the clear-yellowish fluid it is weeping. But, what really tipped me off was when recently my mom mentioned that it may be yeast and I got the thought of candida. As a former vegan, I always brushed it off as being something “the cruel meat and dairy industry” made up to scare people away from veganism and that carbs are best for our body. But, today after doing some research, it all started piecing together.. what look like yeast infections on my nipples, very high calcium levels, brain fog, and for heaven sakes my horrible diet which i’m sure made me a perfect breeding ground for the yeast. I am so incredibly worried that this is candida and that it may already be progressing into something aggressive like breast cancer (scares me to even say it), and I know its a one in a million chance that a 18 year old woman will develop something like this, but I was treating my body like crap for 5 years now on a HC HF vegan diet.

    So, please let me know if you think this could be candida overgrowth, or if you think i’m over reacting. I’m so confused and scared at this point though because it just all seems to fit so perfectly :'(. If you think it is what would be your next step if you were me (besided the doctor of course)…I know I cant afford this program, any ideas of something free?
    p.s.sorry for the long story…


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    Also, I forgot to mention I have a bald spot on the bottom left side of my head. It gets sore sometimes and it’s about the size 2 quarters. Its been growing for about 6 months.


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    First of all, I don’t believe there is any link between candida and cancer.

    If you have a yeast infection on your nipples, have you tried treating it with a natural antifungal like coconut oil?

    Try eating a more balanced diet first (and cutting down on those carbs), and that should help to clear up the brain fog.

    It sounds like you are getting really stressed out about all this, which is probably making the brain fog etc worse 🙂


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    Hello! It does sound like Candida however to totally rule out anything else you should take the test in Anne Boroch’s book and see how high you score. You should also read the book if you do get the chance because knowledge is power when it comes to beating Candida so learn whatever you can.

    Whether it is or it isn’t Candida, the following tips should help all symptoms (and eventually cure it if it is Candida).

    1) Take an anti-fungal from the very start. I would strongly, strongly recommend blackseed oil. It might as well be an all-in-one medicine for a lot of disease, but especially Candida. It tastes horrible and has an even worse aftertaste, but the massive amount of good it does for the body is unmatchable. There’s reports it can even aid tumours (but don’t hold me to that) as well as diseases like staph and other antibiotic-resistant diseases. And even hair loss and everything just seriously look it up. Take one tablespoon a day (and no more) to see some quick results on quite a few of the symptoms (2-3 weeks). I’d recommend buying it from but this is a really good all-in-one medicine that you should definitely research to find the full effects.

    2) Follow the anti-Candida diet strictly. You need to create an alkaline atmosphere in your body for as long as you possibly can. That means NO SUGAR whatsoever for at least 3 months. Diet is what will make or break whether you best this disease or not first and foremost. But these are the two most important things to curing Candida; anti-fungals and a clean Candida-averse diet.

    3) Be aware of Candida die-off. It makes all your symptoms much worse for a little while after you incorporate any of these changes so if you feel even worse after any of these changes, then know it’s the Candida dying off in the billions that is releasing all it’s toxins into your body. Go slow with these changes because you don’t want to overwork your liver or gallbladder so work your way up to 1 tablespoon of the anti-fungal and 5-6 days a week of exercise. Milk Thistle also really helps support your liver in flushing the dead Candida toxins from your body.

    3) Meditate. You seem really stressed out by this, and that’s only making your Candida worse because of cortisol. It might sound like a pile of garbage to meditate, but the benefits of it are immense. Even 5 minutes a day will really help you to relax, ground yourself and reduce cortisol levels in the body. Give it a couple of weeks doing it every day for at least 5 minutes to see some serious results.

    4) Exercise. Whilst I’m recovering from Candida the number one thing that has helped me – especially with the brain fog – is walking; even if it’s only five minutes a day. There’s a reason they say a 15 minute walk is as powerful as an antidepressant, and you shouldn’t skip out on that. Do as much walking as you can manage each day, even if it’s just up and down your bedroom (but you should get out and walk whenever you can). Work up to 1 hour 5-6 days a week. That’s when you’ll be feeling some serious results.

    Whatever the case, take the antifungal and read Anne Borochs book for your start on this. If you can buy this programme then do so, but start arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible. I’ve found the best way to overcome fear is to educate yourself about something, and that’s what I think should be your best next step. It’s going to take a while to cure it but just be patient and remember that you CAN beat this. Just learn as much as you can, and soak up the information like a SPONGE 😀

    You WILL get through this, as have hundreds before you and so will hundreds after you. But only if you CAN RISE UP TO THIS CHALLENGE!

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