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    Hello everyone!
    I’ve been browsing this forum for a while and I have a head full of questions/concerns/a lot of confusion. Thankfully this place exists because I now feel like this will be manageable.

    I won’t make this too long, but I have had a long list of symptoms for a while… I believe I may have leaky gut along with candida overgrowth, and possibly gluten sensitivity, because (esp. lately!!) every time I eat any food with any kind of carb or sugar in it I get the strangest tingly pain in my lower abdomen. It’s awful, like my body immediately starts to reject whatever it is I consumed. Even drinking alcohol is no fun anymore.

    A brief history of my symptoms:
    I think I may have a weakened immune system as it is. I have long suffered from asthma and allergies, ever since I can remember.
    My stomach troubles began when I was about 14… I thought I had an ulcer but at that age I never really thought about changing my diet. Prescribed Zantac which never worked, so I gave up trying to figure out what that could have been… later decided it must have been IBS.
    I began getting yeast infections at 17 and they would come and go. Then I was struck with an unspecified STI a few years later and put on antibiotics which cured the problem but the yeast got worse.
    I did and still do have mild pain in my lower abdominal region which gets worse when full.
    I am now 24 and still suffer from yeast infections and abdominal discomfort.

    My symptoms mostly include:
    nausea/abdominal discomfort
    lack of energy (I am also very stressed working 2 jobs, one is a night shift!)
    yeast infections
    swollen lymph nodes
    ITCHINESS!!! Under arms and front of abdomen area (lymph node zones)
    —This seems to be the biggest issue and the most perplexing one… It is one reason why I decided to see a naturopath and why I think I may have Leaky Gut. Since I was about 19 (suffering from yeast infections at the time) I began to get very strange itchiness in my underarm area. We’re talking the most intense itch you could possibly have, and scratching feels amazing but hurts because of broken skin, obviously. What’s strange is that is must be my glands because it does not seem to be affected by shaving/deodorants/etc. (I have tried everything!!!)
    Does anyone else have any ideas about the itching?? It’s the craziest thing. It happens when my body temperature changes, and possibly when I eat too many carbs and sugar, which makes me think it has to be candida related. I have never heard of anyone else having this problem. I feel like an alien.

    I became a vegetarian earlier this year and have noticed many improvements in my health. I have mostly cut out dairy of all types though I do eat eggs. Since I became aware of the diet I started cutting out as many sugary foods as possible.

    I went to see a Naturopath back at the end of August. At that point I was doing well not eating sweets and was pretty much ready to start the diet… Only I couldn’t afford the blood tests or supplements they offered at the office. So I thought I would wait, and after moving into my first place, I still have not had enough money for the blood tests.
    I did very well the first couple of weeks! I didn’t cheat at all and though my energy was a little lacking I was starting to feel… better!

    Then the trouble hit… I started binge eating on sugars! I also gave into all of my worst cravings and have been eating way too many carbs and sugars than my body should ever handle. It starts with one little thing and then leads to another… for a few weeks now it seems I am unable to control myself! It’s so embarrassing because I am really invested in eating healthfully and am ashamed at my lack of self-control. If I had just tried to stick to the diet in the first place, I would be much farther along now!
    Now I feel like I have to start over.

    So here I am now asking you all if you have any advice for what my next step should be? I intend to get the bloodwork done and go back to the naturopath, but it could be a matter of months before I have enough money for that. Should I stick to eating the healthiest diet I can with cleansing/detox, and whatever supplements & probiotics I can afford?
    I try very hard to educate myself before I make ANY diet changes… almost obsessively. I don’t want to hurt my body by doing too much or going overboard. I want to plan everything out as carefully as possible.

    If you’ve read this far, I can’t thank you enough for showing your interest in my problem! I have a million more thoughts and questions but this is only the beginning…

    Can I also request an acceptable food list from Able? I have been using the Whole Approach food list I found online but it actually mentions beans and legumes/nightshade vegetables like tomato as being okay when I know they shouldn’t be eaten at the start of the diet.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions whatsoever!! This is becoming quite a headache to deal with on my own…
    Plus any time I try to talk to anyone about it they start probing really deeply as to why I want to go on this diet and I can’t just flat out tell everyone that I think I have a massive yeast overgrowth in my gut. So I tell them it’s an elimination diet and then they get concerned about my protein and sugar intake, so I have decided just to tell everyone I’m going “super healthy” which usually works fine enough. Any idea what to say in this situation? I feel like my judgment is sound and I’m not going to put myself in a position to become even more sick… I’m trying to get better!
    Please tell me all of your thoughts!

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