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    Every time I test Coconut Flour Bread, I get a reaction the next day. rash, fog, racing thoughts upon waking…

    I’m making it with Coconut Flour (bob’s red mill), olive oil, organic eggs, himalayan salt, and aluminum-free baking powder (bob’s)…I eliminated the ghee, but still get a reaction.

    I’m going to substitute Oat Bran Hot Cereal (bob’s) for the Coconut Flour today and see if that works.

    Does anybody have suggestions of what else I could test in a bread recipe if Oat Bran doesn’t work? Should I replace the aluminum-free baking powder?

    Thanks in advance,



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    Try out my bread:

    But replace the coconut with almond meal or more buckwheat flour or more teff.

    Try the coconut bread recipe with baking soda instead of baking powder.



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    Thanks Raster! I’ll give it a try and report back.


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    there is alot of recipes for bread in the food/recipe section of this forum. you may find something there to work off of as well.

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