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    Hello all,

    I am on my 8 week of the diet. No cheating at all. Going as strict as I can.

    I am eating organic eggs and tons of vegetable everyday, including brussle sprouts and rutabaga. I am on my antifungal stage and I take garlic pills and caprylic acid.

    Supplements I take on a daily basis:
    3000mg of vitamin C
    calcium + magnesium
    molybdenum- 3 times a day
    milk thistle
    nettle leafs (tea + pills)

    My issue is that it seems as though vegetables and eggs are the only food I can digest.

    I tried coconut milk (so delicious brand), pure organic Buckwheat, and even avocado and organic stevia extract but they all cause scalp itchiness, severe digestion problem, bloatedness and stomach pain. The worst one is the buckwheat. These are basically the same symptoms I have been experiencing before I started the diet.

    Why is it happening if buckwheat, for example, is allowed on the diet and known as not feeding the candida? What about the coconut oil? Why am I reacting to it?

    Is there anything else I can do to get myself better?

    I appreciate any type of help and advices.

    Thank you.


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    Most of the food items you listed are prebiotics(avocado, stevia, buckwheat) and so this is likely upsetting your stomach chemistry. Coconut milk can be problematic from my experience so I wouldn’t consume it, it caused severe gas for me and I had an allergic reaction to it because it was inflammatory.

    I would try out some other items such as rice (black, red, wild), oat bran, etc. and see if these are better. You might have to put off having the prebiotics.

    If you have IBS then this can make it worse. You could have a different flora that has overgrown such as h.pylori, parasites, strept, etc.

    You could lack stomach acid.

    There’s too many factors for anyone to diagnose you on the internet.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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