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    Hi all. Started drinking copious amounts of raw kefir two weeks ago, and five days ago the cravings for starchy carbs came back with a vengeance. Every time I eat starch I get as sick as a dog, and much fatter. Clearly I should not be eating starch.

    The problem is that I also feel the kefir is helping me. It’s made a dramatic difference with two of my other symptoms. I’d like to keep the probiotic qualities of the milk kefir, without the yeast. I’m thinking of trying coconut water kefir. Does anyone have any experience?


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    Hi, You might be allergic to dairy so coconut kefir might work. Would recommend trying kombucha for probiotics. Also where are you buying your kefir from?
    A lot of store bought kefir products I have seen have relatively high amounts of sugar and carbs which would cause a reaction/cravings, so you could also try making kefir yourself.

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