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    I have been eating sugar free since September of this year. I have been taking probiotics and pau Darci (which is all monitored by my naturopath) to kill the yeast. I had a copper IUD that was removed early November because I was getting lots of yeast infections. I also have been battling a zinc deficiency and low iron. In the past two days, I have been getting lots of red spots on my legs. It looks like ingrown hairs but they are sore, and red about a quarter to a twoonie around. Some of them are swollen. There is 8-10 on my right leg and 2 on my left. Did anyone get a rash like this? Do you think it’s candida related?


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    I’ve had vaginal candidiasis for years and I know it’s not the same, but the same thing happened to me when my candida was starting to die off but only on my genitalia. I tried all sorts of rash creams and nothing helped, so I tried using baking soda to wash ( about two tbs of baking soda to about 0.5 gallon of water), and St John’s Wort Oil to put on the sores after washing, I did that three times a day and it was gone in two days (both the infection and the sores). Hope this helps!


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    Theres absolutely no way to tell whats causing your rash. It could be related to candida but thats not the typical fungal rash that you are describing.

    You said you cut out sugar, but whats your carbohydrate intake like?

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