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    I am hoping for some advice and maybe a more natural remedy
    I have been battling candida off and on for three years
    Won the fight …but this winter it returned
    I kow what to do…..diet and supplements
    But my concern now is the rash and itchy cheeks
    Any advice??
    I know it comes from inside
    I have started oil pulling …i wonder if that may be aggrevating it worse!!
    I dont wear much makeup
    Wash with organic soap …dont know what else to do
    I used to have gorgeous skin…never break out
    Now this red a bit mumby rash??.
    I know the dr will just medicate me or give me steroid creams
    I do not want to go that route
    Anyone deal with something like this?


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    The reason this is happening is because your organs are taxed with the toxins from candida, so your body detoxes through the largest organ, your skin. If you sweat out the toxins via steam room, hot tub, jacuzzi, or even hot bath, this should help with the symptoms.

    If you don’t like going to a western doctor, try checking out a naturopathic doctor. They can give you a homeopathic or mineral supplements that will hopefully reduce the inflammation.

    Acupuncture is also an option that helps you detoxify and bring the body back into balance.



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    Thank you so much for your advice
    And i prefer to stay away from western medicine
    Which has thus far made me worse
    I will look into accupuncture
    Even though i am petrified of needles

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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