rash is spreading, what does this mean?

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    I have a really bad rash/dry skin on my hands. I have moved up to 4 teaspoons of coconut oil a day and two sf722 and the rash’s are getting worse and moving up my arms, what does this mean and why is this happening? is it good or bad?


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    It could be die-off. Are you taking anything for die-off?

    Also, have you tried using coconut oil topically on the rashes (in addition to taking it internally)? It’s a great moisturizer, which should make the dryness more comfortable, and it’ll help boost the antifungal effect to that part of the body. The simple act of massaging the oil into your skin will also stimulate circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid, which is good for skin in general.


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    It means the candida toxins are accumulating in your body and your body is detoxing those via the skin because it isn’t being detoxed via the liver.


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