Rant Time

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    Katy Gillett
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    I’m in need of a rant and who better to turn to eh? It just seems like its one thing after another with this diet! I was plodding along until I find yeast is in my multivitamin, then my doctor’s trying to get me to have a laporoscopy which would require me to move to England for the time being (which is a HUGE risk and change in terms of career etc.)… Then I start getting sick again; same as before – gastro problems mainly. I’ve attributed this to yoghurt and egg intolerance so I’m going to try keeping those out for a few days and see how I feel.

    I’ve decided to replace the lacking protein content with lentils and perhaps some beans but I’m just waiting for all the legumes and pulses to turn on me too… ARGH!!

    I just feel like I’m making no progress although I’ve made SO many lifestyle changes and been trying sooo hard! *stomps feet*. I feel a little better for that 🙂


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    Hi Katy, are you feeling stressed? If you are, could this be causing your symptoms to come back?

    A tip I’ve read with beans and pulses is to cook them from dried, they are hopefully less likely to cause you problems then. I’ve invested in a pressure cooker which makes it a lot easier to do this.

    Whenever I have a slight relapse, I get upset and stressed out, and then do get used to new changes. It all seems to be part of the course! I hope it all settles down for you again very soon 🙂

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