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    I am writing this post since a friend of mine has a serious problem, but she doesn’t speak English. She’s 54 years old.
    Since almost two years now on regular basis she gets urinary tract infections (UTI) (also known as acute cystitis or bladder infection) sometimes with blood in the urine.
    As a treatment the doctors always prescribe antibiotics.
    For the last year she also gets intestinal Klebsiella-Enterobacter every now and then. This one is also treated with antibiotics.
    She also regularly gets intestinal Candida inflammation.
    She doesn’t know what to do – what is the cause and what is the result of the cause.
    Her liver test results have already deteriorated.
    She feels in Catch 22.

    I would apprecaite any suggestions on how she could proceed as now faces again antibiotic treatment due to UTI and her Candida is also causing her many issues /stomach pain, dhiarrea, anxiety, insomnia, bloating…/ and is also paralelly “equipped with” the Klebsiella…


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    She needs to attack all of her problems all at once in a holistic manner. A good naturopath can do this; she needs to heal the liver, the adrenals, the intestines, etc. all at the same time.



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    Does or has she had any amalgam fillings? If so, the mercury from these fillings could be the root cause of her health problems.

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