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    Sorry got more questions.

    Are we only allowed Oat Bran Hot Cereal or can we use oat bran flour and/or other oat bran products?

    Also with regards to the cereal if i can’t get or afford bob’s can i use this mornflake :|20000&param=oat+bran+cereal&parentContainer=SEARCHoat+bran+cereal_SHELFVIEW

    Allergen Information

    Contains: Gluten, Oats
    May Contain: Nut, Sesame


    Pure Mornflake Oatbran (100%).
    Dietary Information

    Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients
    Free From Artificial Colours
    Free From Artificial Flavours
    Free From Artificial Preservatives

    Also my candida symptoms that came back are still around since i stopped the kefir/ yoghurt/ coconut flour so i’ll keep going for 10 days and if its the same i’ll put it down to die-off from kefir and start reintroducing those foods.

    Also if able is reading i would appreciate a bit of information on the dosage of NAC as the supplement came through (600mg tablets.)

    Also with bone broth do the bones have to be from organic meat?

    Also can i have tinned sardines and other fish on the low mercury list as part of my fish quota.

    Cheers all.


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    You can eat oat bran and buckwheat as those are prebiotic (they feed the beneficial bacteria), I would just not overdo it because they do contain some starch which could feed candida as well. This is a test food so watch for reactions.

    The cereal you mention in your post scare me because it states it contains gluten. I would stay away from it. Make a home made hot cereal out of oat bran, coconut oil, stevia, cinnamon or any other spice you like.

    I will let Able respond on NAC.

    Any meat or bones should be organic if you can find it and also important that they are grass fed animals, otherwise they may lack nutrition we are trying to get from it. If you get non organic, grain fed meat or bones, then you risk of getting toxins, antibiotics and harmful effects from grains (which we are working so hard to avoid on the diet) with that meat/bones.

    Honestly, there is no organic classification where I live, so I just get it from reputable store and hope for the best.

    I have canned sardines, but make sure they don’t have any other ingredients besides fish, sea salt and olive oil, perhaps allowed spice.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!



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    eskimo_pup;32474 wrote: Also if able is reading i would appreciate a bit of information on the dosage of NAC as the supplement came through (600mg tablets.)

    Hello, EP.

    A research study from the University of Michigan Health System reported that the daily doses below were safely used in trails for the conditions named.

    Bronchitis, 400 mg to 600 mg
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 200 mg 3 x a day
    Angina, 600 mg 3 x a day
    Gastritis, 1,000 mg

    According to this report, it sounds like 2 or 3 of the 600 mg tablets a day would not be too high a dose, but I would start with one tablet.



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    There should only be one oat bran type out there, it doesn’t come in a special flour form or cereal form, its just all the same thing created by the same process.

    As far as it containing gluten, it should contain a low amount of gluten, especially when compared to wheat, etc. This is why we don’t recommend eating regular oats but just the bran.

    The prebiotics found within it should outweigh any negative effects of the gluten.


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