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    Hi! I am starting with the cleanse and want to know if sprouted legumes are allowed. I remember reading on the forum somewhere which I copied and pasted in my notes:

    “I usually sprout my own lentils, clover, and almonds, and would venture into other types of sprouts if it were ok. Does sprouting legumes make them less starchy and therefore ok for stage one of the diet?

    Probably. I think sprouts would be acceptable on the diet.

    If sprouts ARE ok, can they be used during the cleanse? Especially if juiced?

    Now, having read so much on the forum, I have serious doubts and want to confirm if I got it right that I can sprout lentils and juice them up during the cleanse? If allowed, then can sprouted legumes be eaten raw or sauteed in olive oil on the cleanse, and then also later on the strict diet?

    This is important, since I do not eat eggs or any kind of non-vegetarian foods and if allowed would be a great source of protein for me throughout the diet too!

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