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    Hello my question is if molybdenum rice chelate is accecptable instead of amino acid chelate. I have been to at least 6 stores in search of it with no luck! Please help my die off is getting worse and midterms are next week!

    Have any canadians found this? American sources welcome at this point.

    Thanks in advance i’m desperate over here if you cannot tell hah



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    hi, greebles,

    I don’t know if rice chelate is okay since the product I take is amino acid chelate.
    Here is the link if you are interested.

    This product is working for me. (I bought it at Vitamin shoppe.)
    I had a really bad die off symptoms in the end of cleansing period, such like muscle aches all over my body with brain fogs.
    Since I’ve been taking this I don’t experience muscle aches any more.
    I still get brain fogs right after coconut oil intakes but it is much less if I take molybdenum before hand.

    Good luck!

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