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    Able and Rasteror anyone else. 😀 I have a question about FOS. I have only heard great things about this product for digestive health. Except for a certain bacteria that I had (Citrobactor braaki, and Citrobacter freundii)which eats FOS. I always thought FOS was great for candida. However, when I got back my results from Metametrix it can with a pamphlet about each type of infection they tested for. Under candida it said to avoid FOS because it has been found as something candida eats. I am kind of confused about this because I have only heard that it can helps candida, but Metametrix is a very reputable company.

    Here is the website for Metametrix company:


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    Both the good and bad bacteria can feed on FOS and inulin both. If you feel uncomfortable using FOS, it’s not absolutely necessary during the treatment; I for one never used it even once during my treatment and still cured the infestation. If you don’t plan on using either FOS or inulin, be sure to use as many of the natural prebiotics as you can in order to feed the beneficial bacteria. They’re listed in the “strict” diet; I assume you have a copy.


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