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    Been on the candida diet for awhile, was also on Iodine for awhile but didn’t see much results. Homeopathic doctor suggested collodial silver. One of the brands she suggested was sovereign silver. Been taking that. (For candida and a prostate infection). Though after a few days I became really fatigued. Been dealing with an energy/fatigue problem for years but this has been bad for a few days. Like don’t even want to walk around or work. Slept 11 hours last night and still want to crash back out. Thought I was tired from work but this is something more. Don’t have much else in the way of symptoms so I’m wondering if it’s a side effect from the CS?
    Read some people get healing die off and some get fatigued from CS. Is there a way to tell the difference?



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    I’ve never taken colloidal silver myself but have heard a lot about it’s uses online and never come across anyone who’s said it’s made them tired or lethargic. I think it’s more likely to be die off, do you have any other symptoms. When my die off is worse I get headaches as well as being lethargic but I’m very prone to headaches.

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