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    Hi everyone!

    I am determined this time to resolve this issue once and for all and thank you for all of you posting your experiences and for taking charge of your health it is easy not too! My story is below and symptoms over the years and if there are any grammar errors that is why we have editors LOL!

    My Question: I am starting the cleanse using the recipe here for the “colon flush” and “liver cleanse”.

    I want to begin the colon flush and the liver cleanse but wondering what folks think is a good program for someone that has active symptoms? [Meaning I “had” active yeast infection it is now gone, but I am sick now pretty bad symptoms below.] If I do the colon flush 1x and the liver 1x say every other day to start? Any ideas for what has worked for others?

    I am using the recipes and products suggested on this site because to be honest they make sense and are supported by the many here who have cited their improvements. Plus this is the only place I have read about Die-Off symptoms no one discussing this issue only the symptoms of candida.

    Questions re Die-Off: I bought the nature or whatever it is called remedies potion to add in to this cleanse to help with die off, dandelion tea I drink a lot everyday and tons of fresh water.

    How I got to this sick place this time: I was eating proper prior too, whole food diet and try to avoid all meat but do eat eggs. I got a dose – heavy one of antibiotics and it led me to be in this sick place again and this time determined never to be here again.

    My current symptoms: Dizzy spells, balance problems, belching after meals, that feeling in my throat that is not nice, hair loss and the feeling of just not being well and “ready to go” and the cold feet cold hands and then being hot.

    Overall how my symptoms were triggered: My past before I became aware of my health I had been prescribed antibiotics for years for acne and other skin conditions and was taking them literally every day or every other day for years and it didn’t stop until 2013. So a long time. Needless to say this and not eating a whole food diet lead to my poor body becoming toxic and I was determined to get well so that I could graduate law school this year which I did – by the grace of a big higher power.

    Prior nature-path Treatment: Went to a PA who is natural remedies based provider. Said I have this issue but didn’t exactly say this “candida word” specifically and prescribed me with Nystatin it elevated my liver enzymes right off the bat (the known side effect) took me off that and I did another antifungal and I began to feel very dizzy from that one.

    Needless to say, if I would have had this forum and this amazing site then I would have been able to back off the anti-fungal known that I was experiencing the “die-off” which is so amazingly described here and I would have been so happy because I would not have been afraid of passing out as I was, I would have realized that it was my body saying “whoa wait we are removing toxins too quickly” and would have made the diet changes, added in the Die-Off natural remedies and the cleanse and probably be ahead of the game.

    Thanks for any input on your own experiences of what has worked. I realize ahead of time that this question may be “loaded” meaning try and see is probably the answer but any advice as to helping ease the Die-Off and the overall bad side effects of doing the right thing greatly appreciated!


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    The liver cleanse and colon cleanse might be too intense for you so I would consider just doing the diet with a good detox plan. I would consider trying out acupuncture which should reduce your symptoms and help rebalance the body. The cleansing is perfectly optional.

    I will write more in time but you might benefit from going to a different naturopath doctor who can treat you and create a plan to get better. This is a long term journey to get better and you might have other symptoms that are hard to address just by diet alone. I tell most people to plan on a 6-18+ month recovery.



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    Thanks! I did the liver tonic “cleanse” 1x 1 day and then 2x yesterday after being on the diet for a few days and yes it was too much. May be 1x every other week for a while since I am in acute phases of the candida.

    Now that I know this going to pursue the diet along with the supplements suggested added in to my routine with the probiotics and the supps recommended here for antifungal impact and the tea nettle leaf, peppermint, I love tea so lots of that I have now.

    If there is anything else I am missing I will take any helpful hints. It is a long term gig yes and definitely I am going to keep at it and understand my body is going to respond and I have to take notice of it etc

    Finding a practitioner has been the difficult part. Hopefully I connect with someone that will be able to provide me with support and understands. I had an experience with one and was on supps like caprylic for a year but didn’t know that they should be rotated and that sort of thing as discussed here.

    Thank you for the reply.


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    I agree with raster – it’s a really long journey to recovery plus you definitely can’t do it with diet alone. Also I don’t know if you eat meat but my doctor told me to buy meat direct from a supplier who does not use antibiotics or hormones. These things – present in meat EVERYWHERE will keep you sick and no treatment will work if you don’t address it. It’s a little known fact unfortunately. I buy in bulk from a farmer who delivers (I live in the uk). I’m sure there will be one somewhere for you too. If you’re a veggie, then you’re safe! 🙂 Good luck in your journey x


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    thanks yes love my steak once in a while and had one yesterday hormone free very expensive LOL but I totally get why the antibiotics in meat would not be a good idea. I didn’t quite have it click until I read your post and got it. No need to go through the effort and time of eating the anti-candida diet and take no antibiotics only to get slammed with them in your food.

    Good point and thanks! Here’s to our better healthy days ahead!

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