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    Hi there

    I have psoriasis which started after the birth of my first child 5 years ago and has gotten steadily worse, spreading from my scalp to my knees and elbows and stomach. I read several articles and studies about a connection between candida overgrowth and psoriasis so I decided to give this diet a go.

    I’m 2 1/2 weeks into Stage 1 and have been following it religously. I’ve also been taking fish oil 3 x day to help my psoriasis.

    ANYWAY, in just 2 1/2 weeks I have never seen my skin looking so healed!! It is not itchy, or red, and the flakes are gone. The lesions are clearing up before my eyes – I wish I had taken ‘before’ photos! I cannot believe the changes in my skin in such a short time, it is amazing. I’m so excited to see the end results.

    I just wanted to share in case there is anyone else suffering from this condition! I’m so happy I could cry! haha!


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    That’s such good news Allira, I’m glad your seeing such positive results.
    I just wanted to encourage you to stick to the diet for a decent amount of time; let the positive results spur you on, and not make you relax the diet. I want others to learn from my mistakes, as I have been on sugar binges when I’ve decided I’m cured and I haven’t been (not that sugar binges are ever a good idea anyway!)
    It’s great that you know for sure you are on the right path and I hope you continue to see further improvements where they are needed 🙂


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    Hello, Allira! Thanks so much for sharing your story 🙂 That is really such wonderful news!

    I was wondering, besides the psoriasis, did you have any other candida related symptoms? It may very well be that candida was the culprit with your skin condition, but in the absence of other candida symptoms, it may also be that you have eliminated a food to which you are allergic. This Anti-Candida Diet (ACD) takes many of the common allergens out of our diets. Corn, wheat, or dairy, for instance, could have easily been the triggers for extensive psoriasis. Corn, in particular, is commonly associated with skin rashes. I just wondered if you’ve been tested for any of these allergies w/i the last 5 years or if you have tried eliminating any of them from your diet w/i that same time period. I wouldn’t go jumping to try any right away to test and see, though! :O Neeky gave you good advice – stay on the ACD for a while longer. When you get to the point where you’re ready to reintroduce foods, I’d go veeerrrryyy cautiously with the big trigger allergens and give yourself plenty of time to watch for reactions to each before trying another new food.

    Again, so glad to hear your skin is doing so very well! 🙂


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    Hello, Allira. I’m glad you’ve finally found something that works to lessen the effects of your psoriasis.

    It all makes perfect sense when we consider the number of patients with chronic rashes, eczema, or psoriasis that have been cured with yeast-free diets.
    Experiments and lots of research can be found that show that Candida albicans can cause all the characteristics and changes in the skin of a psoriasis patient.

    Obviously choosing the Candida diet as a treatment for your psoriasis was the wisest choice you could have made.

    Way to go on hanging with the diet long enough to see the difference it can make.


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    Hey Alira, I’m so happy about you, there are so many people struggling with this “crap” and majority of those people end up using some medicine, expensive in most cases. Based on the type of psoriasis you have you might also try to go on Raw Veggies Diet and supliment it with omega 3 as you already doing it.

    To get you started look at this tasty video

    Never Give up.


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    Thanks for the info. My man has psoriasis. Maybe he will do the program with me. One can only hope!

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