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    I just wanted to ask for advice on what would be the right health care professional to consult with for a candida problem?

    I would like some tests to see whats really going on with my body not just with regard to the candida but a general check up and from here start a program for repairing my health following professional guidance

    The reason I have decided to consult with a professional is because frankly I’m up and down all over the place, sometimes I’m really good with my regime but then other days I just feel so i’ll I feel like I should be in hospital never mind going to work, I think for a while until I get more on my feet and feeling stronger I could do with some support from a professional rather than trying to do it all on my own and for the record the family doctor is useless, been there done that…




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    Well regular western doctors prescribe drugs. Are there many drugs that treat candida? The answer is no, except for antifungal drugs which may or may not work.

    So the only alternative is a naturopathic doctor.

    You could also go to an allergist and get the candida hypersensitization shots which costs about $750 for 6 months in the US. This will direct your body to fight the yeast basically.



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    raster;60566 wrote: Well regular western doctors prescribe drugs.

    That’s overly simplistic.

    Doctors do prescribe drugs – if prescribing drugs is the best way to treat a disease.

    But sometimes, drugs are not the best treatment. For example, when I had a shoulder problem last year that was painful enough to wake me up during the night, my doctor sent me to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist solved my shoulder problems by investigating the shoulder, by looking and feeling how I moved, and then by massaging and manipulating my shoulders and upper arms in certain way. He also taught me how to move and how to apply strength with my shoulders. To finish it off, he showed me a number of shoulder exercises which I should do by myself twice a week.

    Another example is when my doctor told me that I had an infection. He said that he could prescribe me a drug that would help me fight the infection – or he could just do nothing and advise me to wait for a week and see if the complaints would gradually disappear. We agreed on the latter. The doctor sent me away with the expectation that improvement should be visible in about a week, and full recovery would take 10 to 14 days. I only had to report back to him in case my infection worsened, or if new symptoms appeared, or if I found no improvement after ten days.

    So, from my personal experience, I can state that doctors are too educated and too co-operating to simply prescribe drugs.

    raster;60566 wrote: So the only alternative is a naturopathic doctor.

    Are they better than doctors? If so, all they have to do is: show it. As soon as they can show that their treatments are better than the currently know best treatments, their treatments will be accepted and applied by doctors.


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