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    I was trying to buy probiotics via prescription, so I could get insurance to cover it, so my allergist today gave me a script for VSL #3, a very potent probiotic with 450b per packet. Unfortunately I didn’t do my research ahead of time and it’s actually not covered by my plan, Blue Cross, since it’s over the counter – but the pharmacist told me there are some plans that cover it.

    Since I’m not using insurance afterall, should I bother with the VSL 3? It’s more for people with ibs or cronhs or raging diarreha. luckily I have none of those. however, it does seem like a good probiotic and it’s less costly than many. is it better to have a large count, or is the goal of probiotics more to add some back in to your gut, in hopes they’ll recolonize and multiply? I’m currently taking 200b/day at a cost of $4/day. My doc said people can tolerate a lot.. but my question is, is a lot necessary to get the job done? I’m severely lacking in the lactobacillus strain.

    Thank you!


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    mygutleaks wrote: I’m severely lacking in the lactobacillus strain.

    It’s no big surprise that you’re deficient Lactobacillus bacteria since a deficiency of this particular bacteria strain results a Candida infestation, and you’ll agree that it’s no big surprise that the other major symptoms of this deficiency are constipation, gas, and bloating. Makes sense, right?

    Quote: “is it better to have a large count, or is the goal of probiotics more to add some back in to your gut, in hopes they’ll recolonize and multiply?”

    Reply: The answer to that is both if possible. The reason a high count is good is because they’re naturally going to build more flora faster if there is a larger population. However, if your choice was either a huge amount OR a high quality, you’d be better off choosing the higher quality rather than the higher count.
    For example, MegaFood has a probiotic called MegaFlora, and each capsule contains only a 20-billion count. Then there’s another brand called Ultimate Flora with a count that goes as high as 200-billion, which is an excellent brand that I’ve often recommended. But if you had to choose only one of these to take from now on, you would be better choosing the MegaFlora with just a 20-billion count because, for a Candida infestation, this one is a more powerful probiotic. The reason it’s more powerful is because it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, which most probiotics do not contain. If you look at the labels, you’ll notice that most of the ingredients simply read “Lactobacillus acidophilus” without the DDS-1. Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 is one of the most highly effective strains of bacteria when it comes to fighting a Candida albicans infestation.

    In addition to the above, the DDS-1 type of L. acidophilus has the following advantages:

    +This bacteria strain easily colonizes in human intestines.
    +It’s acid and bile resistant which many other strains aren’t.
    +It’s easier for the system to adapt to because of its origin, which is human.
    +And finally, it’s excellent at supporting the immune system, which all probiotics should be able to do but don’t always.

    MegaFlora is only $28.77 for 30 capsules at Amazon.

    PS: Your VSL#3 doesn’t contain the DDS-1 type, or at least the one I found online didn’t.


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    I would go with quality over quantity as well. I take one called HMF Neuro, which is the only one to contain Human Micro Flora. I am going to try one with DDS-1 soon also, but I noticed a big improvement after the HMF Neuro. I started off with renewlife and one I don’t even want to recommend, and HMF was better than these both despite a lower count. I take 3 a day which is 38 billion. Probably between me and Able’s you’d be saving money and packing a stronger punch than a 200 billion probiotic.

    “Human derived strains seem to adhere better to the gastrointestinal tract and may work faster then strains developed from animals or dairy.” According to a website…

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