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    i have read info that says probiotics should be taken on a full stomach as well as emty this is confusing .my bottle says on a full tummy but i wont be taking these long as they have potato starch!

    i have also read confusing info about probiotics not surviving stomach acid and there for they are useless unless enteric coated ?this is extremely expensive bad enough good probiotics taken a few times a day are gonna run me over 60 a month these enteric ones are around 60$a bottle .


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    I usually follow the manufacturers instructions. I’ve seen this as well.
    Also, Remember that most bacteria from yogurt, kefir and other ferments also make it to your intestines alive as well.

    I wouldn’t to concerned about this, just follow the manufacturers instructions.


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    As I understand it – many of them theorize that if you have an empty stomach (like in the morning when you awake) then your stomach has an abundance of acid which will kill off some of the probiotics if you take it right away. When you’re stomach has some food, there isn’t as much acid in your stomach and therefore better chance that more of the probiotic gets into your system.

    That is what was told to me from “Vibrant Health”, the makers of “Green Vibrance” which is a green drink that also has 25 billion probiotics in a serving. The container says best after a meal and I was curious and called them to ask why.


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    This is what Able told me:

    it’s because the enzymes which are produced by the process of eating can interfere with the absorption and breakdown of the probiotics. So as you see, it has nothing to do with the particular foods, but rather the enzymes that are produced by eating and drinking. Normally I suggest nothing but water with the probiotics.


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    The acid doesn’t hinder the bacteria, but the enzymes produced by food does. Why do you suppose they’re called acetic acid bacteria? The bacteria actually release acetic acid, that’s how they’re able to destroy the Candida. Take the probiotic on an empty stomach like the protocol explains.

    I cured my own infestation by always taking them on an empty stomach.



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    this is why im not sure what to do here 2 different theorys ,one being enzymes from eating affecting the probiotics and the other stomach acid .sum bottles say take on a full stomach while others say empty since i wake up hungry i eat right away so taking at night before bed would b best for me as i can wait an hr and take them if i choose on empty stomach if not i would take them with breakfast and hr or 2 b4 antifungals


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    I take mine first thing when I wake up and wait 30-60 minutes before eating breakfast, and then I take some before I go to sleep, last thing at night, awhile after my last meal.


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    EVERYONE STOP WAISTING YOUR MONEY!!!!! GET KEFIR GRAINS they are the real deal alive strands of probiotics. They are ancient from tibet and I cured my candidia from them. KEFIR EATS CANDIDIA!! You have to love them and take care of them because there well love them and they will heal you. I am living proof and I had leaky gut and grew yeast on my SKIN!!!! These are not the crap in the store loaded with sugar and half the strains as the kefir your grains will produce at home. AND you can make cheese from them and white sauces, I make sourdough bread the kefir raises the dough where yeast used to!!! Im telling you i tried everything probiotics as well it is not the answer the answer is rebalacing the natural flora..You do not have to worry about taking them on an empty stomach either cause they wont hurt your LIVER OR KIDNEYS or stomach lining. ALSO you feed them a glass of milk thats 2.59 every 2 weeks 5 bucks a month verses how much in HARMOCOLOGY!!!


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    Is pasteurized cows milk OK to grow the Kefir grains in? I have only read about it so far, and understand it was traditionally used with Goats milk. Unpasteurized milk would be very hard to find around here!



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    Unpastuerized goat’s milk is the best because the pasteurization destroys the bacteria. Goat’s milk is better because lactose intolerant people likely are not allergic to them.

    However, I think organic milk is the only type of milk people should use on the diet, otherwise you are getting milk that contains antibiotics and hormones and this can be a detriment to your recovery.



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    I was informed to take my probiotics first thing with my shake. Then not eat for 30 minutes. Does it really matter if I eat after taking the probiotics? I just picked up goats milk kefir, tastes horrible but it has low sugar and cow free


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    i planned on making my kefir with whole cows milk the kind without antibiotics but its not organic . is this ok ?

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